Is the Snoo Worth the Price? (Honest Thoughts from a Pediatric Sleep Consultant)

The Snoo is EVERYWHERE! You probably get a lot of ads for it. You see it on Pinterest all the time, your friends might be raving about it but you're wondering, "Do I really NEED the Snoo?" Does my baby actually need this? Is it really going to deliver you the wonderful night of sleep it promises? As a pediatric sleep consultant today I'm going to give you my honest opinions, review and share some other alternatives that might be a great idea for your family.

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  1. Sleep is not a luxury!! I wish someone had PREACHED this to me last year when my son was born. I heard about all the expensive products and thought we just didn’t have the money to buy a good night’s sleep. 😥 Little Z’s changed that for me and I wish I could just go around and tell every mom that they deserve sleep!!

    1. YES!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so awesome to know that Sleep is a thing- without spending so much money!!! 🤗🤗

    2. @Little Z’s Sleep It’s amazing that with your negative review, the comments say differently. Is it expensive? Yes, to buy. There wasn’t a mention of the fact that you can rent it from 1-6 months instead of buying it. For your future reviews, please include all information about the product. Also, transparency about giving a negative review while also plugging your sleep course would be helpful. In addition, include the number of positive reviews for your sleep course vs negative reviews in comparison to Snoo’s positive vs negative reviews. Seems like a lot of info has been left out of this review. “I have NO experience with the Snoo” “My clients PROBABLY would back me up” “My clients aren’t using the weaning mode like they’re supposed to” “Try my sleep course instead”. These are a lot of red flag statements.

  2. My brother had one and it was perfect for baby 2, and their daughter weaned easily. Incidentally he won the exact amount of money he needed to buy it at a work gambling night haha. Ours was loaned to us by a friend. I feel like my son has enjoyed the Seattle the entire time – when I have had him in a crib he is restless and huffs and puffs ever since birth, and he was born 3 weeks early, so the snoo really was a great option for him (and it was free). I don’t think it would have worked for my daughter though. We are in the process of following the weaning steps, but developmentally he isn’t even 6 months so I think I just need to be more patient. Yes, they TOTALLY marked the heck out of it, I get emails constantly and I have one! But I think it’s worth it if you’re planning on using it with more than one child, or if you already have a toddler to chase and need a safe place for baby 2 (or 3 or 4 or however many you have) to be.

    1. I so appreciate your input on this! Yes I’m not all-out against it, but I don’t think it’s something we have to spend the money on. How sweet of your friend to loan you theirs!!!

    2. My husband is against me buying the SNOO because he says this is our last baby, but I haven’t told him that if we have embryos left after our IVF, I want to have another one pretty soon after because I don’t want our little girl growing up feeling like an only child since our boys are already 15 & 17 and will be just about 16 & 18 when I have her. That is a huge age gap. He has said if this was our 1st baby and planned on having a few more, it would be different. The thing is if I purchase it with our military discount and then resell it when we are done, I would be spending around the same amount I would on the Halo luxe plus or the Mamaroo bassinets. It is a lot of money but my sanity and being rested because my baby is sleeping well and is rested is priceless to me. I jus have a feeling with having 2 big brothers she isn’t going to be put down very often because they are already antsy wanting to know when everything is going to happen.

  3. A thumbs up for taking the time to make the video so thank you. But your points about marketing and price can be said about many products these days (Apple *cough*). It sounds like it works TOO well and the baby and parents become reliant on it. I think I am inclined to buy it just so we can both get some sleep during the first couple months

    1. Yep many people love the options to rent a Snoo which is more affordable. This video simply shares my opinions on other options that are available!

    2. In got my Snoo off of FB marketplace for $500. Granted, I got lucky, but if you want to save, that’s the way to do it. Even if you only sell for $300 when you’re done. It’s basically the same price as the lower model stuff.

    3. @Little Z’s Sleep if you think about it and do the calculation, it actually is usually NOT more affordable. Depending where you’re located, you can resell the Snoo only a few hundreds less the original cost.

  4. Great video! As a mom who made mistakes toward creating sleep associations and prop dependency with my first, I have no desire to try just one more expensive prop for my next baby. Undoing bad habits is soooo hard. Thanks, Becca!

    1. Hey Lauren! I’m so glad you enjoyed this video. It’s based off my experience working with many Snoo families and my guidance as what else we can do.

  5. I used the wean mode on the snoo for a week. Then sleep trained in her crib for 3 days at 4 months. The transition wasn’t bad. I just rented the snoo. It saved my sleep and sanity. I have also purchased the little z program 4-12 months 😊

    1. Love hearing your story, Mahlet!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! A positive Snoo story is always good to hear.

    2. Lindsey Bailes I honestly think it’s a good option just in case your baby doesn’t like it. It really helped once my baby hit 6 weeks. She only would wake up once in the middle of the night.

    3. She’s selling education not a 1 time product for limited use. It’s not the same

  6. We originally had the Halo Bassinest which did not work for our baby at all. The vibration mode he barely noticed, the light was awful and the white noise could barely be heard. We bought the Snoo when he was 4 weeks and the change was instant. He’s getting a great sleep, we’re getting a great sleep and it means we’re both enjoying our time together throughout the day. I highly recommend, especially as us parents aren’t getting the help we need from family members due to the pandemic

    1. @kumi m if you really want a Snoo just rent it but the resale value is so good, you do better buying and reselling it because you end up paying less than what you would rent it for over the course of 6 months.

    2. This is exactly where we are at. We have the Halo baby (6 days old) hates it and won’t stay a sleep. I’m thinking about renting the Snoo. I just wanted to make sure it was worth doing.

  7. Glad I came across this. I’ve been thinking I would like this for baby #4 (and #5, #6, and on and on) because I’d heard good things about it. But honestly my second and third babies have slept pretty darn well, I can probably do just fine without it.

  8. snoo works for me. I also bought 3 different electric swings also (4moms and munchkin brands). Life didn’t change, just got easier overnight. I’m able to get more rest, get more work done. If you don’t have a nanny or family help then these expensive gadgets will pay for itself in a couple of weeks. Also with the edge taken off I find i can help, interact and sooth the baby more effectively. Baby also smiling and more well rested since she got all these fancy devices. I look at these “props” more as tools. Using tools is what make us smart humans. I’m sure there were people at the turn of the century saying not to take the easy way out and spoil your family with a motor-less carriage. ha imagine farmers resisted using tractors and kept their houses, ox and donkeys? (Some did, i think omish and Mennonites) Screw that the future always is paved with technology, I’m not gonna fight it. ((education + props) > education)

    1. There’s no replies because you just said it all! Makes sense to me, if you want to raise your baby without gadgets that’s great, if you want to raise your baby with gadgets that’s great too.

  9. We just got it used for half the price and it’s amazing! We are using it for our 3rd child and it puts the baby to sleep in 1-2 minutes. Amazing!

  10. So we really wanted this but the price tag was too much. I ended up getting the arms reach cosleeper. My baby would stir and wake up as soon as we put her down in it. She would only sleep in her podster (which isn’t recommend for overnight sleep). We then used a graco swing and sleeper swing we got. It lays flat and it was the only way we could get her to sleep. We started putting her in it awake and she learned to soothe herself. We put her in her crib around 4.5 months with a Merlin’s magic sleep suit and had no issues transitioning. I would also like to know what you think of some of the newer motion bassinets and cribs. 4moms has one now and graco makes a sense to soothe and they are much more affordable. There is also one called cradle wise that comes with a monitor and grows with baby but there is not much info on it yet.

  11. I understand your review. So what I did is got the snoo on discount for Black Friday (1495 all in including extra swaddles and sheets) I’m planning to only use during the 1st 3 months of her life when babies (4th trimester) when babies still don’t form any habits and cannot become dependent on the snoo then start sleep training baby around 3 months. And sell the snoo- they do retain their value and since it’s still going to be under warranty and only used for 3 month I’m expecting to sell for 1000$. Meaning the final cost is only 495$ This is worth it to me if it gives baby more womb like experiences in the nb stage when they need it and it’s also the safest bassinet out there.

    1. Please update what you think and if you were able to sell it for a good price 😊

  12. My wife managed to have her first sleep in 4 days after coming home from hospital and I sense that the snoo had a bit to do with it. Both her and I agree that if it broke down tomorrow, it still would have been worth the money.

    1. Thank you for the info! Currently looking into getting this for our first child🙏🏻

  13. Thought we needed a snoo, but we did the new born sleep course and followed everything and no issues at all. Baby sleeps perfect. Thank you little z’s

    1. It pays to do research. Routines are important and later comes Routine + Schedule. Protect those and your life will be much easier. Also, all parents should learn about wake windows and sleep cycles. After knowing so much, a household with children that weren’t raised with that being considered seems like absolute chaos to my husband and me.

  14. I am not using the snoo, but the mama roo, which has motion. My baby is four months, and I started putting her down for naps at three months in the crib. She sleeps fine in the crib, but especially since she started the three month progression halfway in the third month, I’m so glad to have her in the mamaroo at night, so she can sleep longer stretches. She has been able to begin extending some of her sleep times on her own. She does sometimes have decent naps, connecting her sleep cycles, as well. We will be sleep training her in a few weeks (we have out of country guests since babe has turned four months old, when babies are old enough for sleep training, so we want things back to normal first), so I like that these compromises are working with us for now.

  15. Hi! I understand the reservations you have with the Snoo regarding their marketing tactics (I feel this way about most products I see mom-fluencers pushing in their videos, most luxury name brands, etc) as well as cost and potential parental dependency on product (ie. Incorrect use of product).

    From a sleep habit professional’s perspective – what do think may be the pros or cons to a baby’s development of sleep practices, self soothing, sensory regulation, etc with Snoo usage? This was the sort of information I was hoping to hear from you. Would love to learn what you think, professionally speaking.

  16. Snoo is great when it works. Our second kid is now 3 months old, we bought the Snoo because it was much “cheaper” than hired a night nanny. Frist week home was great, everything worked as it should, baby would sleep in it and we were prepared with her feeding cycle. However, second week onward she started having colic from 11 PM to 4 AM, and Snoo was a no go, we had to held her in our arms for hours to calm her. The colic lasted for about a month and during that time Snoo was pretty much useless at night when we needed it the most. It’s great when it works, but don’t think Snoo can solve all your baby’s sleeping problems.

    1. Glad it didn’t, that’s what life is all about……Solve your own problems or better yet learn to live through them…

    2. @harrye neal what do you mean solve your own problems.

      Are you suggesting a modern device can’t be a solution to your own problem (if it works) and you have to suffer through it?

      If so get rid of your microwave, phone and car etc. enjoy the problems you might having riding around on a horse and communicating with smoke signals.

  17. We bought a snoo for our 6th baby and would buy it again and again. Everyone slept so much better for that baby verses the others! I got the recommendation from another mom of 6 who used a snoo for twins (baby number 7&8), she agreed it was worth every cent!

  18. I’m trying the Snoo for #3. My first was colicky so wouldn’t have worked, my second was normal but I held him thru the “4th trimester” then very gently sleep trained him (rocked and shushed to sleep manually and let back little by little till I could put him down awake awake) between 2-3 months. He’s an AMAZING sleeper to this day (2yrs old) and that is my plan for the Snoo. Get through the 4th trimester with as little drama and as much sleep as I can then, gentle wean to awake awake!! If #3 is colicky, will need all that holding and more horrible sleep props but hoping the Snoo will let me tend to the other kiddos whilst baby sleeps…

    1. Hey Alexalini! I am so glad you have found something that you are confident in for your family!

  19. I 10/10 recommend the snoo. Your video is the reason I didn’t get the snoo initially. I ended up renting it at 7 weeks, and I wish I had it the whole time. I think my EBF baby and I would have gotten more sleep, which would have been so much safer. My baby transitioned to her crib with no problems at around 5 months when she started getting up on hands and knees. I think the reason the transition is no problem is because their startle reflex is gone and they connect sleep cycles as they get older. You can order it on Black Friday to be delivered near your due date.

  20. I like that you can strap them down with the snoo, so they can’t accidentally roll over. No other bassinets have that option.

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