Is it okay to smoke weed to get to sleep? A sleep expert answers!

We know that falling asleep fast — and staying asleep — is never easy. Sleep troubles come in all shapes and sizes. Join sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus as he answers your burning sleep questions — from issues falling asleep, to waking up in the middle of the night, to how to maximize your deep or REM sleep.

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0:00 Ask the Sleep Doctor
0:30 Managing your sleep schedule consistently
1:52 Advice for sleep paralysis
2:57 Sleeping through the night on one's back
4:08 Getting better REM sleep
5:16 Advice for intermittent insomnia
6:20 Smoking weed and getting sleep

😴 Michael Breus, Ph.D., is a double board-certified clinical psychologist and sleep expert. He's been in practice since 1999 and helped thousands of patients improve their sleep. Dr. Breus has written five books on sleep and conducted over 1,000 interviews to the press and public.

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  1. Super helpful video! Cannabis may improve sleep in people with certain conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. Heavy cannabis use, especially on a long-term basis, may have consequences for sleep, so as Dr. Michael suggested try a small dosage. Personally, I would try CBD which is more calming and may help produce feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, than THC which is more stimulating and it may produce feelings of euphoria and energy boost. Loved this useful video Dr. Micheal! Thanks for sharing it with us!🙌❤👍

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