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  1. Gosh,
    All so very true. We must give Grace and receive Grace for all the lessons we are here to learn. When we give grace, we let someone out from under our shoe so they can go on and heal as well❤ thank you, God has been working with me on these thoughts

    1. Agree!! Truth!!😌🙏💛🩵🫶🥰☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️

    2. How could you take and give Grace with the missiles and bombs over your house and family??? Do you think that Grace is giving just to someone and not for Ukrainian people???

  2. Lauren, it’s very truth, we don’t know how to express our unger, living near the area of the Russian war in Ucraine, seeing the bestiality with which are killing civilians and everyday destructions, my revolt and anger are terribly of the impotence to change something, …human values accumulated from stoics, Buddhism, Spinoza, Kant, from before are suffering… and your exercise are like a refuge from the cruel reality….

  3. Anger is one of those deep seated primitive aspects of our limbic system. It is the true troublemaker of humankind. No one has to be taught how to be angry and the only honest thing about it is that we get angry when we don’t get what we want or what we think we need and that it’s downright catastrophic if we don’t. You know all those shall nots in the Ten Commandments they are the construct of a nice civilization but it’s implied if you don’t adhere someone’s going to get angry. If you break them you get angry others get angry you pay a price which makes everyone even angrier. We live in a world that’s gone angry crazy! It’s not because they weren’t allowed to express it as children, babies get pissed off right out of the womb! They’re not angry because their parents weren’t honest except of course about tooth fairies and Santa and you’re going to be ok if you never get a pony. They are angry because anger is so much easier then realizing that unfairness exists, cruelty exists, other people can push our buttons, we are prone to behaving neurotic and anger is at the top of the list in the easiest manifestation of our neurotic behaviors. It’s all about what we do with our anger. It’s all about how we react to others anger. Is that anger justified and if so what is the best way to quell it or deal with it. What is thet cost of that anger and what is proportional appropriate modalities to express it if it needs to be expressed at all. E often misunderstand and misappropriate our emotions. It rarely happens in other animals all the time in people. Including me I’m angry all the time these days because I expect us to behave a whole lot better. We don’t learn from history we don’t seek the truth. We don’t let go of our belief that others should (fill in the blank) there are no should. Anger needs fuel. We supply it because we aren’t getting our way,

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