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  1. What unbelievable serendipity. I was just telling a friend that for the first time in my life (I’m 56), I don’t have any optimism. I can’t stand Christmas, and it used to be my favorite holiday. I feel frustrated, angry and resentful most of the time. And your message came thru right as I finished – pretty wild.

    “Incredible unfairness”
    Damn right.

    You’re such a good person Lauren. I appreciate you extending this, right when I probably got the most out of it. For 30 seconds I was locked into this beautiful face, saying things that indicated how I’m feeling, and making me forget for a few seconds. What a nice, and needed gift.

    Love, David

  2. You stopped me in my tracks, you beautiful beautiful human being!!
    I literally stopped breathing while I listened!!
    Thank you my sweet angel!!🤗

  3. Merry Christmas and wishing you a beautiful new year to come. Thank you for all you do.. Much love~❤

  4. I hear you, read you: Lauren. Yes – ‘Christmas Merrimess’ is often foisted, forced upon us. That is not OK. Your thoughts about the lonely and down are received with appreciation. G_d Bless You, too. Thank you forever …

  5. Happy holidays. I’m really trying to “do this” but am looking for the joy. Love to you from your irritated friend.

  6. Everything you said, fits me perfectly, and I am grateful to you and your words, and I am getting stronger and better every day and as I always say… And this, too shall pass

  7. I swore No more Christmas Alone!
    I almost got married, almost
    2024 will be my year to find love and belonging.

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