I Ran a 5k on NO Sleep — Here’s What Happened

We know that sleep is key to your athletic and mental performance. Sleep is where your body “cleans” and repairs itself from the day before, and it’s where your body starts to build those “gainz.” But how important is it? Tom was eager to learn for himself. So he ran a 5k. Well…he ran two. The first 5k he ran well-rested, the second 5k he ran one-week later on only four hours of sleep.

And the results were rather surprising. But not in the way Tom expected. Check out the video to see just what happens when he tried to run a sleep-deprived 5k.

Tom spoke to Dr. Chris Winter, a neurologist and sleep specialist. Check out his website and social media to learn more about his work and subscribe to his podcast:

👩🏻‍💻 For more on why sleep is the key to peak athletic performance, visit Sleep Foundation:
📺 And to learn more about heart rate variability, check out our video on HRV:

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0:00 A Crazy Idea
1:27 Maximize Your Gainz
2:59 A Well-Rested 5k
4:08 Why (Deep) Sleep Matters
5:16 A Tired 5k
6:45 Why It's a Mental Challenge
7:28 The Paradox of Moving Your Body
7:53 Comparing the Runs
9:03 Sleep Is the MOST Important Thing…Sort Of.
10:00 Running Out of Gas
10:50 The One Thing To Remember

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