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    1. Oh, my giddy aunt, you are hilarious, Stephanie. Yes, my eyelids are obviously my redeeming feature. I should get some incredible prise for them …someone should offer to give me a million dollars for those eyelids… Not

    1. Ha ha, LUVLS …. and in the scenes behind the camera, I recorded this about 15 times before I had the courage to load it reality versus social media…

    1. Oh goodness me Keith it’s nothing near as good as Dickens Dickens is a legend yes I wrote this and thank you so much for the incredible compliment but I tend to use the same words and style where is Dickens is just genius thanks and hope all is well

  1. You my soulmate for life 🧬❣️🧬 you and me both together was blessed bet your sweet cheeks on that Oh aye yai sounds great right so please believe me it’s both together forever ♾️❣️ and have I told you today I totally in love with you 😍 always forever ♾️♾️❣️ babe

  2. i get it right, but as a race of people we never learn all we do is keep repeating over and over again our mistakes history teaches us nothing, the great war the second war, Vietnam, 911, on and on we repeat the process loss teaches us nothing so many people still sacrificed in wars for those who profit from it. we are so stupid we haven’t yet mastered or nor have we yet learnt how to walk in our own footsteps and survive. nothing changes everything stays the same. maybe little things in your own world you may change but on a global scale as a whole we dont change.

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