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  1. Well Thanks for Caring Lauren, but I think what I could really use, is a Miracle or 3-!! However, they’ve been in short supply for the last two thousand years. So …
    Being Happy. Hmmm, … what are your thoughts on Depression then, especially that continual type known as Indogenous-? It’s hard to tolerate, and definitely hard to find any balance – always being dogged by this “Dirty Creature”-!

    1. Endogenous? I’m so very very sorry yes “dirty creature” is a good word for this so much I could say about depression because it is a lonely path that each person walks individually and I hesitate to generically speak about an individuals experience thinking of you lots of love Land

  2. It is more important to be comfortable in your own skin, mentality, and to be at peace with yourself (as much as possible). The key is to keep your circle small. your true friends you’ll be able to count one hand… Look for the quality not the quantity….

  3. We must first love ourselves and that unfortunately has not been taught in our culture, our belief system.
    It is not vain or a sin to love yourself because you cannot give love until you do this first. Im currently working on this. Thankyou Lauren. Blessings

    1. Well said! Awesome to hear from you Trish so very true yes we need to work on this I do also much love Lauren

  4. long comment but i promise profound…this morning i spent a liitle too much time dwelling on past events, and i thought of not only you, but this metaphor here, The filter function in a car is to enable flows and catch impurities1. There are four main filters in a car1:
    The cabin filter, which removes harmful pollutants, such as pollen and dust, from the air you breathe within the car 2.
    The oil filter, which removes dirt and contaminants from the motor oil that lubricates the engine 3.
    The fuel filter, which removes impurities from the fuel that powers the engine 4.
    The air filter, which filters and cleans outside air before it enters the engine. my thoughts “and i honestly believe that we are made exactly like that, but it doesn’t work automatically for us like that, there are things that we need to do so that filter can do its job and the car can work properly. mental well being requires hard work and if its done properly than it will work automatically for us…..thank you for your wisdom Lauren i get this from you

    1. Thank you so much John for your beautiful words I sincerely appreciate everyone of your comments and I’m grateful that you listen to my content

    2. ​@Lauren Ostrowski Fenton ive become more wiser and i think the fact that i listen without deliberately applying your method when im struggling or facing issues, somehow the knowledge just happens to surface in the moment when its needed without my intention but when it comes i embrace it and apply that knowledge, it works automatically now on its own. because im constantly listening, the mind absorbs everything, thats why the past always finds a way to surface, so when that happens the filter does its work because its being embedded in the mind. remember that story, footsteps in the sand its a little like that when you have lost control and somebody else has carried you, and you just dont understand how you overcame that obstacle. And its not god it is actually you embracing that knowledge when it surfaces and applying it. but you give glory to god. when all along you were the one who built the bridge over troubled water, ” ring a bell”

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