How to Know When You’re Too Tired to Drive

Each year, more than 100,000 traffic accidents occur from drowsy driving, with roughly 1% of those accidents being fatal. In short, drowsy driving is a real problem. But unlike texting and driving or drinking and driving, drowsy driving doesn’t quite have the same stigma…but maybe it should.

Drowsy driving can occur at any point in the day; it’s not just a late-night thing. So in this video, join Tom as he explains why drowsy driving us such a problem, what’s happening in our bodies while we’re driving while sleep deprived, and what you can do to help (hint: rolling down your windows is not the solution).

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0:00 Is Drowsy Driving Really a Thing?
0:30 How Dangerous Is It?
1:47 What DOESN'T Help?
2:11 What Could Also Make You Drive Drowsy?
3:09 The Signs of Drowsy Driving
4:23 Why You Should Pull Over to Sleep

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