How to get your BEST sleep in the new year!

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Join Dr. Breus for a YouTube Live Q&A on Wednesday, January 24th at 7pm eastern/4pm pacific. He'll be giving you his top sleep tips for the new year, and answering some of your questions!

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  1. That’s awesome information thank you I do got to point out that I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8:00 PM and it ends at 10:00 PM but they serve a lot of coffee and sometimes I take a cup because I don’t know what to do I feel a little edgy or a little bit bored so I take the cup usually with milk and one sugar but it has Disturbed my sleep terribly and I go to sleep almost at 4:00 in the morning it’s not good.

  2. I always slept after drinking coffee every night. We had this family routine in childhood. Coffee never kept us awake

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