How to Fall Asleep Fast (New Science-Backed Tips!)

Falling asleep fast can be a challenge. It would be nice to fall asleep quickly once your head hits the pillow, but it’s not always that easy. But the good news is that there are some natural, science-backed things you can do RIGHT NOW to help you fall asleep fast tonight. For example, did you know how important blocking light and sound can be? Or the real reason you shouldn’t be looking at your phone at night?

Join Tom as he explains what you can do to fall asleep quickly tonight, as well as some behaviors you can do TODAY to set yourself up for better sleep.

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0:00 How to Fall Asleep Fast
0:16 Put Down Your Phone
1:07 Noise and Temperature
2:23 Breathing Techniques
3:45 Mental Techniques
4:09 Alcohol
4:50 Caffeine
5:30 Exercise

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  1. I’m able to fall asleep no problem it’s staying asleep I have a problem with so I use my phone in the middle of the night I put off Blue light and turn to dark mode and I put a sleep meditation on to calm my mind and help me to relax

  2. Like these info vids… got anything for help STAYING asleep … I have to get a pillow… Cervical headaches … any suggestions ???

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