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  1. Hi Lauren 👋 I’ve been dealing with racing thoughts/speech lately due to ADHD and this little talk gave me some good insight and ideas, i will bring them up with my therapist next week. Thank you and take care ❤

  2. Thank you Lauren for your very wise words and how true they are, I have been dealing with more depression then usual since the lost of my K9 🐾 back in December,after having her in my life for 13yrs I feel so lost know with our her! I’m a very quiet person keep to myself and live alone,my family members are passed on know,so life feels harder for me than usual,as a older woman yes with health problems and will say most of my life mentally health issues for me to slow down and think thing’s threw is very important cause know I only have me to rely on,hope it’s okay that I have vented here on you? Cause sometimes a person needs that,I try not to cause of trust issues but you are a person I feel I can trust! Thank you for all you do for so many and every night you help me go to sleep with your meditations, Bless you, this world needs more people like yourself that care to reach out and help other’s ❤ Love from Atlantic Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Thank-you for this sage advice, and for looking so festive —today is my 62nd birthday, Lauren. You’ve helped inspire and make today more significant. 🙏😊 -Keith

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