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  1. If someone is talking about you then they are giving someone else a break😊! Hope you are well Beautiful!! ❤

    1. Awesome comment awesome to hear from you thanks for joining the live and I love that “giving someone else a break”

  2. I find the difficulty is when a person is surrounded with these types 24/7 with no escape. No matter how much you repeat to yourself “it’s them not you” there’s something inside that still wears away bit by bit.

    1. I think that’s really valid also sometimes we can’t escape and environment for good reason living circumstances career circumstances study circumstances and more yes very valid points I guess the only thing we can do now is create a sacred space within ourselves not easy to do but possible with practice

  3. Such a beautiful reminder that everybody should be aware of. Even I need to remind myself of this at times. You’re beautiful at everything you do, Lauren! 🧡

    1. Thank you so much! So kind of you yes I reflected on what this person said for several days and thought about it and then I thought about experiences which had occurred to me and then there were a couple more conversations with other people and I just think it’s so important to look down upon these occasions and see that this directly reflect back onto the perpetrator the person who makes the comments rather than us and life can be so short why dwell on these comments when terrible things happen in life why waste our time with people like this thank you for commenting

  4. Sometimes we talk about someone because their behaviour is problematic or concerning, technically this is behind their back but if the behaviour is gaslighting then it’s necessary to discuss it

  5. if people want to waste their energy and time talking about you. well, that’s their problem and do you know that when you do that its your time and energy you are wasting your precious moments. so why do i need to add more of my precious time and energy to that other person’s negative energy. if those who do this could only stop for a moment and think about that. when they could be creating special moments in their life. why would you want to trouble your mind and heart with problems. life is short enough as it is and its over before you even blink, why give your precious time even a second to trouble your mind, in both directions one be it the abuser and the other feeding on it. both need to let go.

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