How to Clean a CPAP Machine

Check out Sleep Foundation’s page on How To Clean A CPAP Machine:

CPAP machines like these are used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. If you use one regularly, you know how important it is to keep all the pieces of your system clean.

It’s recommended that you clean your CPAP masks, hoses, and humidifiers on a daily basis to prevent the buildup of microbes, mold, dust, and debris.

And hey, the process for cleaning CPAP equipment is fairly quick. We’ll run you through the cleaning materials you’ll need, and each step of the cleaning process.

0:00 Cleaning a CPAP Machine
0:25 Materials Needed
0:53 What To Avoid
1:38 How To Clean A CPAP Tank
2:13 How To Clean A CPAP Air Hose
3:03 How To Clean A CPAP Mask


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  1. This is really important I never had a ear infection in my life until I started using cpap even though specialists don’t believe in a link though actual users on forums talk about it. Other users also suggested backing off pressure slightly though talk to doctor first.

    I stopped getting ear infections once I backed pressure off a bit and got into a thorough cleaning ritual.

  2. As a former Respiratory Therapist- please clean your CPAP and BiPAP or replace it. As often as your doctor tells you. Dirty equipment can really harm you.

  3. Why are all of these videos and articles titled “how to clean a CPAP machine” but none of them talk about the machine?? The hoses, masks, and tank are not the machine itself. There’s no way to clean the actual machine? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this??

    1. Tristan at tree cpap shop’s video actually talks about how to clean it

  4. That’s not how to clean your tank. It’s dishwasher safe, top rack. 🙄

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