How shift workers can avoid bad sleep

Shift workers and those who work the night shift have unique challenges to their sleep. Many of us have a 9-to-5 work schedule that fits pretty easily into the daily rhythm of light and dark, but shift workers experience a mismatch between their body’s circadian rhythm and their work schedule, and that can make regular, restorative sleep a problem.

Those on the night shift, for example, experience light exposure that works AGAINST the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Not only is this a disruption to their circadian rhythm, it can even put them at risk for shift work sleep disorder.

Dr. Michael Breus recommends some steps shift workers can take to optimize their sleep. And for more tips on how night shift workers can get their best sleep, visit

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0:00 What is Shift Work
1:25 How Does Shift Work Affect Your Sleep
2:18 Symptoms of Shift Work Sleep Disorder
2:40 Treatments of Shift Work Sleep Disorder
4:13 Takeaways

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  1. Worked nights for 3 years, including the pandemic. Broke me. You either can or you can’t. I admire anyone that can.

  2. Hello just started to watch you videos been pleased. Hope you have videos of people being retired. I noticed my sleep has changed since I retired and got older any suggestions thanks what supplements can help to relax me sleep ❤

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