Heal Body, Mind, & Spirit, Guided Sleep Meditation for Rest & Relaxation

One must provide rest for the body, mind, and spirit. Ignoring one will bring disharmony to all. In tonight's guided sleep meditation, we invite you on a journey to relax all that you are, so you can fall into a deep, restful, healing sleep. Receive your FREE resources here:

Guided Sleep Meditation Heal Body, Mind, Spirit Have Questions Answered ✨

Guided Sleep Meditation to Heal the Body, Relax the Mind, Soothe the Spirit 💤

HEAL Guided Sleep Meditation for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit Before Sleeping With Ease 😴

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This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.


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About the Author: Joy Packard


    1. You’re welcome! We hope you find the meditation enriching and enjoyable. Thanks for joining us! – Team Jason

  1. I hope you and your team are doing well, Jason! I’m looking forward to the meditation. Have a fantastic week! 🦋🕊️💜

    1. Thank you! We’re doing well and really appreciate your kind words. We hope you enjoy the meditation and have a fantastic week too! – Team Jason

  2. I’m going through such a rough time. These meditations help me sleep through this change in life. ❤

    1. Blessings on your journey ~ you’re not alone 🙏🏼
      Jason’s meditations are the best

    2. @kimfoster3453! I’m so sorry! Theses help me fall asleep some nights! Your loved and blessed and beautiful

    3. @maryedwards8114, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing a tough time, but I’m glad the meditations are bringing you some comfort at night. Take care and be gentle with yourself. – Team Jason

  3. Somehow this popped up into my YouTube page and always thrilled and grateful for Jason’s affirmations to help me sleep and calm me down.

    1. That’s fantastic to hear! We’re glad Jason’s affirmations are helping you find calm and restful sleep. Thanks for your kind words. – Team Jason

  4. Thank you, Jason.

    You have been a saving grace for me for a long time now – you were one of the first meditations I listened to, and have been a firm favourite ever since!
    Easy top 3, of them ALL!

    I appreciate you… I’m gonna go knock myself out with this one now 😊💜💜💜

    Much love, from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! We appreciate you too, and we’re thrilled to be part of your journey. Enjoy the meditation, and much love back to you from all of us here! – Team Jason

  5. Your meditations are my go to any time but I especially enjoy them at bedtime and then just played all night while I sleep- provides me with comfort ❤

    1. We’re so glad to hear that the meditations bring you comfort, especially at bedtime. Thanks for sharing this with us! – Team Jason

  6. “To anyone who reads this, my heartfelt prayer is that whatever pain you’re experiencing or whatever you’re constantly stressing about improves. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt dissipate from your mind, replaced by clarity. May peace and calmness envelop your life.” 💕💕💗💗

  7. Thank you, Jason for this beautiful meditation! I’m so very grateful for my entire life journey! Hope anyone who reads this, my heartfelt prayer is that whatever pain you’re experiencing or whatever you’re constantly stressing about improves. 🙏🙏🧡🧡

  8. Hey there! To whoever is reading this, whether we ever cross paths or not, I genuinely wish you find joy in your journey. Embrace today; it holds endless possibilities! 😊

  9. Thank you for this soothing reminder to continue to heal and seek serenity in every aspect of life… sleep is our healing and catalyst of strength. Breathing in peace through slumber and praying that each waking moment is filled with love for us all ❤❤

    All the best to everyone ❤

    1. Beautifully said! Sleep is indeed a powerful healer, and finding serenity in our lives is essential. Thanks for sharing such thoughtful words. Wishing you peace and love. All the best to you too! – Team Jason

    2. @@jasonstephensonmeditation Team Jason thank you for always being so gracious and supportive of us!!!

  10. Love, love, LOVE these sleep meditations. Making my nights so much more peaceful and restful.❤️🥰❤️

    1. We’re thrilled to hear that the sleep meditations are making your nights more peaceful and restful! Love hearing this kind of feedback. Thanks for sharing, and here’s to many more peaceful nights! – Team Jason

  11. Thank you so much Jason. Meditation exercises help me regenerate energy after a tiring day of work, helping me sleep deeply and feel comfortable 💧

  12. Thank you so much Jason for this beautiful meditation I always come back to you sleep videos it’s just something about them that helps so much in the middle of the night❤Thank you team Jason I am still on my Cancer journey it is not easy😢sending out love and light into this troubled world and to all who read this you are blessed and not alone peace and love❤

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