Guided Sleep Meditation for a Calm Mind & Inner Peace, Overcome Anxiety

Effortlessly dissolve your anxiety with tonight's guided sleep meditation. Re-discover your inner peace as your journey to the sacred temple of tranquility. Receive your FREE resources here:

Guided Sleep Meditation for Inner Peace and a Calm Mind 🧘

Guided Sleep Meditation, Release Anxiety & Develop a Calm Mind 😌

Let Go of Anxiety While You Sleep, Guided Meditation for a Calm Mind, Inner Peace 🌻

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About the Author: Joy Packard


  1. Thank you for this meditation, i was just about to sleep. Lots of wisdom Jason. Greetings from the Netherlands🇳🇱❤

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! We’re so glad the meditations are helping you find restful nights. Thanks for your lovely feedback! – Team Jason

  2. I love you’re sleep meditation stories ❤❤❤ all the of meditations that you did has helped me get sleep at night

    1. That’s wonderful! We’re so glad the sleep stories are helping you find restful nights. Thanks for your lovely feedback! – Team Jason

    1. You’re so kind and we are sending much love to you, too. – Team Jason

    1. We’re so happy to hear this. Wishing you many more blissful nights of rest. – Team Jason

  3. Thank you for helping all of us in need!! So many people have no understanding of what it feels like to not sleep a full night’s rest. Thank you J.S and team, you help out tremendously. Please do a Rain/Thunderstorm 8hr session. ⛈️ 💤🫠

    1. Thanks for your kind words and suggestion!I’ll pass your suggestion along to our team. In the meantime, here is a beautiful meditation we hope you’ll love. – Team Jason

      Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Faster, 12 Hours Beat Insomnia

    1. That’s lovely. Blessings and love to you too. – Team Jason

  4. Thank you, Jason and the team. I’m looking forward to today’s meditation. Have a fantastic week! Namaste 💜🕊️🦋

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a fantastic week as well! Namaste. – Team Jason

  5. Thank you so much for this meditation tonight Jason and the team ❤

    1. You’re very welcome! We’re glad you enjoyed the meditation. Thanks for being with us tonight! – Team Jason

    1. You’re welcome! Glad to hear the meditation arrived just when you needed it. Thanks for being part of our community! – Team Jason

  6. Thank you for your selflessness and support to complete strangers around the globe.

    1. We’re honoured to support such a wonderful community. Thanks for your kind words, it truly means a lot to us! – Team Jason

  7. Thank you, Jason and Team, for yet another wonderful meditation. I can not express how much they’ve helped. I’ve also learned so much about myself through these meditations. I’ve also learned how to let go, and stay in the present; which is a remarkable feat for me. Thank you and many blessings to you.

    1. We’re thrilled to hear about your progress and how much the meditations have helped you learn and grow. Staying present and learning to let go are indeed wonderful achievements. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, and many blessings to you too! – Team Jason

  8. God bless me Jesus Christ amen 🙏 l love youse amen 🙏 Thank you Jason God bless everyone have a blessed day 🙏👼🐺🦋🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    1. That’s lovely and wishing you a blessed day too. – Team Jason

  9. Thank you for your videos, I don’t leave comments often enough but you and your team are life savers and genuine hero’s. Having these available, for FREE, is a blessing. Everything everywhere charges crazy subscriptions for the bare minimum of meditation sessions or mental health services, and yet this channel is providing it for free on YouTube constantly, all the time for everyone everywhere to use. It gives me so much to look forward to every night. It’s helped me sleep so many times this past year. Bless

  10. Hey there! To whoever is reading this, I genuinely wish you find joy in your journey. Embrace today; it holds endless possibilities! 😊❤

  11. Thank you Team Jason for making these videos and helping me out with my insomnia and depression

  12. Yay! a new JS sleep meditation. I’ve been listening to you since 2016. You’re an angel for sharing your gifts with us. Namaste. 💖

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