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  1. All these videos shown me i’m so egocentric and I need to start looking outside instead of only inwards

  2. i noticed i wasn’t breathing when i listened to this because when you finished i took this deep breath you took me back its been nearly 20 years now since his passing but i have so much anger inside still

    1. I am so deeply deeply. Sorry John. So sorry. Thinking of you.

    2. i was actually thinking on theses terms today if there is or not a god, this is what i came up with all i have is what’s in front of me here right now because i don’t know if ever i will exist again. the theory’s the fantasies the what ifs the whatever about an afterlife. religion doesn’t know jack…and if you ask me if im Christian i will tell you no, and very few people on this earth are probably Christians, the actions of the so called religions do not, in other words show me your actions and ill tell you who owns the right to be a Christian show me just one, in the name of god as Christians we all slaughter our own kind and we do it as Christians in god we trust, do we really personally, you say the word freedom doesn’t exist i will say the same as neither do Christians exist.

    3. @Lauren Ostrowski Fenton i know and i thank you for that, likewise lauren

  3. Always the “Judge” your Dad. Love you sharing this. I live by my morality and that makes me content to meet death

  4. Lauren your short is so comforting and I love your teachings! Thank you🥀

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