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  1. The world is loaded to the brim with chaos and horrible atrocities towards fellow humans, animals, the earth itself. We each bear our traumas our pains our personal catastrophes. If strife is given providence over lives we would would be inclined to just give up. But we don’t. We hold onto hope, kindness, reason, faith in a supreme being or the universe or just our capacity to love, to be morally good people. Our beliefs our consciousness our appreciation of those aspects of our existence that transcends the mundane. The magic of art, music, relationships with each other, poetry, literature and the magnificence of the world we inhabit and the miraculous balance we are created in and our world and the universe it’s within. When you get knocked down oppose gravity and stand up even if it is with the last ounce of your strength Obstinately oppose your primitive instinct to remain down embrace the little voice you’re imbued with. This too shall pass.

    1. Thank you for your reminders. In the current state of my life, your words of wisdom are inspirational to not give up on life’s trifles.

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