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  1. Thank you so much for this. I unfriended a third friend of mine because I was her sounding board ONLY, and if I needed to do something for myself she would guilt me about it

    1. Lovely to hear from you again yes friendship is two way involving reciprocal communication you go girl

  2. Actions speak louder then words. When Simone is your friend or your lover or hopefully both they commit to unconditional positive regard if you and you to them. This does not mean you don’t argue or dislike aspects and behaviors of each other but you don’t focus on they’d flaws or inconsistencies nor they do this to you. Open honest communication and respect, kindness and empathy rule. Without those the relationship cannot stand. Most time they don’t because we tend to become numb and take the other for granted. If this persists it can decay the fabric of the relationship. It’s a lot of work to maintain a loving bond with another and even yourself but it’s a job well worth the work and energy.

    1. I love the words work and job because it is it requires discipline and resilience …. As always thanks Larry

  3. Lauren .. you’ve been left very hurt and very let down by what happened..
    very easy to say but whoever and whatever was the source of it I love for you to know you are one of the most precious souls I ever came across on the internet ..I’ve been listening to you for ages now and what you do for people I don’t really think you know how it helps ..I hope things will be ok Lauren , really !

    1. What a lovely message Tony thank you so much for being part of this precious precious beautiful community. Thank you for your warm caring letter.

    2. @@LaurenOstrowskiFentonbecause it’s true girl ! .. you receive a lot of messages from out there .. good and bad (mostly good I think 🙂) .. but cutting right through all the b.s of that Lauren it’s people like you who make a light in the darkness for a lot of others .. I heard you say before that you’re a Christian.. me too!, may He keep you safe

    3. Friendship is one of the most precious gifts we can give. It is a sharing of two souls who resonate with each other and are happy to share the good and the not so good. To be there for each other with absolutely no judgement. Thank you Lauren for sharing this message.❤

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