Four Blackout Solutions to Make Your Child’s Room Pitch Dark!

In this video I am going to give you my four top blackout solutions for your child's room. Starting with if you have just a few dollars to spend, all the way up to a lifetime way to guarantee your child will take great naps and sleep well at night because their room is dark.

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  1. Hi Becca, i live in India (Asia). My daughter is 5 months old and had never slept in complete darkness. Can i still start making her sleep in complete darkness? Wouldn’t she be afraid now as she has never done before

    1. Hi Shruti!! Great question. 5 months is a great time to introduce a dark sleeping space for you baby! At this age there really is no concept of being afraid of the dark (this occurs around 2.5-3 years old). Creating a dark space for your baby will really help naps and nights! 💛

  2. Hi Becca! I have a almost 4 month old who has been doing daytime naps in a none pitch black room this whole time. I did not know I needed to put down my LO in a pitch black room. What is the purpose of having the room pitch black? Thank you for your videos! About to go checkout the 4 month regression one since it is already upon us!

    1. Basically you were lucky, your second may reject that lit room. Just luck of the draw on your kids ability to sleep

    1. Exactly!!! You can measure and cut it down to whatever size/shape you need! It’s wonderful!!

  3. If you are on the go and they aren’t “napping” in the bedroom do you find that they then won’t sleep if they need to in the light/not pitch black?

  4. We’ve been using Gro Blinds when on the go. They’ve been working great on different size windows and are very light and portable. They’re very affordable too

  5. Try peel and stick velcro for easy removal and installation of poster board with a foam seal hot glued around edges of poster board to fill in gap created by velcro strips

  6. Can’t thank you enough for making this video. Took me a yr and change to find it but I’m just glad I did. Been using the cheap redi shade paper blackout blinds, don’t get me wrong they work pretty well and last a good while but aren’t truly blackout without using a whole roll of tape. I used your link for the blackout ez cover and they have worked like a charm, when I say they left the room pitch black it was pitch black. both Will definitely look into indow windows once we move into our forever home but for now blackout ez covers fit the bill. Thank you

    1. Hey Fernando! I am so glad you found this video helpful! It is so nice when you can finally blackout a window without using a bunch of tape and other random things from around the house.

  7. Thank you for this video!! I needed to find a solution that looks elegant, because garbages taped to the windows looks trashy.

  8. im watching this for my gaming room – not for sleeping purposes but for using led lights 24/7

  9. As far as aluminum foil goes, that’s what I use. But what I did was first I put a layer of white copy paper on the outside so that it would look somewhat normal and then I put the foil on the inside, so I still have its light blocking powers but I’m not dazzling my neighbors eyes with a reflection from the tin foil.

    1. Yes! That is a great solution too! I have also had clients who put black poster board and then the foil!

  10. This is perfect for day time sleep and white noise. Makes it feel like the room is middle of the night even though it’s almost 4pm in the afternoon on a bright sunny day.

  11. I just discovered another solution in addition to the foil. The aluminium foil has been deteriorating and peeling off and constantly needs to have water sprayed on it. But I have yet to try the garbage bag trick, so I’m going to that. Stick garbage back on the windows and use masking tape to apply it

  12. It has to be less expensive than that with the indo window crap. Why isn’t there a curtain that exists that can be guaranteed to sit flat, instead of a complicated insert that was originally designed as a substitute for insulation? These recommendations jump from “tape or glue stuff to your windows” to “pay $300 or more per window for something that’s gonna end up on the floor and get stepped on.” Technology should exist for something more effective, costing way less than that. At most $50 to cover an average window in something that can be retracted and deployed, but seals. Has this really not been worked on?

    1. Hey Roy! Our family really likes the Indow Window, but like I said in the video, this is an investment that you only want to make if you will be staying in the house long term.

      The Blackout EZ is a great affordable option to blackout a window!

    2. @Little Z’s Sleep What I am saying is that even for a long term investment into the infrastructure of the house, it’s not actually practical since the panels are going to take up so much space, which will likely lead to them getting broken at some point

    3. @Roy N Barlow When we take them out of the windows we actually slip them under the beds or behind the closet doors. It’s out of the way and lays flat under the bed or against the wall. Everyone can make their own choices and I love how many different options there are out there.

    4. @Roy N Barlow its called Window shades… Never heard of that concept? Go on Blinds website and almost all the blind sites have window shades that have channels going down the sides so the shades go down the channels and is pitch black im shocked this lady did not promote it.. instead promoted certain companies that probably sponsored her video lol

  13. I remember using black garbage bags on my window when I was a little boy. It was really great at keeping light out & I remember when I was too scared to get some sleep due to thunder & lightning & that (I’m talking about the black garbage bags) worked real good.

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