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  1. No one has been planned in the depth of the details the way you have just done. I was wrong. I forgive you. I hope you can forgive me we can learn from each other if we talk about things I love you babe I thank you so much and I am very interested in you babe always forever a lifetime and more than that you very important to us both together 👁 ❤you babe it’s like you have a glow about you babe and totally love the way it looks on you babe it’s you and me both together forever babe I am crazy in love with only You babe always bet your sweet assets on that babe

  2. Unfortunately some people deserved justice served which never was. It’s hard to carry. However, it just makes us sad. Your words of letting go help so much…how do you eliminate the anger x

  3. I let go of the conditions that made me believe that I needed to forgive to move on. Taking that next step forward and making that person a stranger in your life is a lot harder than forgiveness.

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