Expert travel tips for 2024 (that make sleeping MUCH easier)

Getting quality sleep while you travel can be really difficult. Often it means you're in an unfamiliar place, sleeping in a strange bed, and hearing strange noises. But according to sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus, there are specific steps you can take — and things you can PACK — to give yourself the BEST chance at sleeping while you travel.

Dr. Breus spends several days a month on the road, so in this video, he shares what he looks for in a hotel room and how he optimizes his room for sleep. He also walks through how to make your very own "sleep kit".

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0:00 How do you get quality sleep while traveling?
0:28 Packing a sleep kit
3:12 Sleep mask
3:59 Which room to request
4:44 King or queen?
5:23 Pillows
5:50 The alarm clock
6:15 Supporting your neck
7:09 What to know about bed bugs

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  1. That is definitely not a a little bit of mold. Nightmare, inducing, anxiety, producing, mold.

  2. top floor corner room(away from elevator) is a must..and i bring a box fan(white noise) i use at home and don’t travel with out it..been using everynight for decades..

  3. is it okay if i use to sleep every night sitting down in my bamboo chair. i’ve been doing this for more than a year. this is because i cannot sleep flat on bed due to my asthma. i am more comfortable sleeping sitting down in my chair. with all my pillows on my head, at my back and both in my left and right shoulder. i am asking this, because recently it seems i have som insomia as i fall in sleep around 9 in the evening and wake up around 2:30 in the morning and can no longer fall back to sleep. please advise me

  4. the sleep mask AND the chip clip??? Seems kind of redundant. Also, the SOUND sleep mask has headphones built into it. So, what do you need the earbuds for??

  5. I feel like my neck is thrown forward at night while sleeping. Do you have a recommendation for a type of pillow that can help? Preference for something that can be ordered online outside the United States.

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