Every mineral your body needs for perfect sleep

Vitamins get all the publicity, but minerals play an essential role in our overall health AND our sleep. If youโ€™re having trouble getting quality, restful sleep, itโ€™s possible that your body is lacking some key minerals. Things like iron, zinc, and magnesium have been shown to be helpful, NATURAL minerals that can reduce symptoms of sleep disorders.

Since your body doesn't naturally produce minerals, it's important you get the proper amount from your daily diet. And of course, eating a traditional western diet means you are likely missing several key minerals. So join sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus, as he explains why iron, zinc, and magnesium are some of the most important minerals to help you sleep. He also describes which foods you should be eating, and what to look for if you decide to take mineral supplements.

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0:00 Vitamins vs Minerals
1:40 Why your body needs iron
2:05 Advice for iron supplementation
2:41 Iron deficiencies and sleep
3:29 Why you need zinc
5:29 Why magnesium is so hot right now

๐Ÿ˜ด Michael Breus, Ph.D., is a double board-certified clinical psychologist and sleep expert. He's been in practice since 1999 and helped thousands of patients improve their sleep. Dr. Breus has written five books on sleep and conducted over 1,000 interviews to the press and public.

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    I enjoy watching your videos as the way you speak is very clear and easy to understand and memorize the key pointsใ€‚

  2. Thanks dr , I am not sleep well, woke up at 3 @am, then had difficult to fall to sleep again , I am taking mag every night, but I will add zinc supplement.

  3. Very interesting!!

    how about the HTP5 supplement? And what about l-theanine in combination with magnesium glycinate to improve the quality of sleep and fall asleep quickly? Is this a good combination?

  4. Super helpful video! Thank you for all the valuable information and the healthy tips for perfect sleep you’re providing us Dr. Michael! Keep up the good work!๐Ÿ™Œโค๐Ÿ‘

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