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Welcome to the official YouTube channel and podcast of Lauren Ostrowski Fenton, where we provide valuable content focused on helping you achieve better sleep and overall well-being. Lauren specializes in assisting individuals experiencing anxiety and loneliness, guiding them on a transformative journey towards restful nights and rejuvenating mornings.

Through the power of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and sleep meditation techniques, Lauren shares insights on mindfulness and its ability to enhance sleep quality. Explore various sleep improvement strategies designed to address common sleep troubles and find effective solutions. Discover how CBT can be a powerful tool in managing and overcoming sleep disorders.

Join Lauren in her guided sleep meditations, where she combines relaxation techniques with her soothing voice to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to deep rest. Unlock the secrets of managing anxiety for better sleep and harness the power of positive thinking to promote peaceful nights. Self-care is also emphasised as an essential aspect of restful nights.

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For those seeking more in-depth support and guidance, Lauren offers meditation classes through Zoom via Patreon membership. Join the PEACE COLLECTIVE CLUB, a collaborative club focused on healing, relaxing, sleep therapy, setting goals, and developing compassion and wisdom. Club members receive invites to free seminars, courses, workshops, and live Zoom sessions, as well as access to ad-free video, audio, and vocals-only content, and other bonuses and perks.

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Please note that the information provided by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is intended to provide support, information, and comfort. It does not replace professional guidance on medical or mental health issues. Before making any decisions about your health, please consult with your doctor. Do not listen to meditation while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you, but they are not substitutes for medical care.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. We hope our content helps you relax, find calm, and improve your overall well-being.
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Original vocals, script by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. All rights reserved © 2024

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  1. Hi there thank you so very much for listening to my content it means the absolute world to me… In case you don’t know I’m now working full time driving a truck and loving it I will continue to load content regularly they’ll be no change… Love to you all thank you so much to all of you for listening supporting liking commenting donating or supporting me on Patreon or listening to my podcast thank you hope you’re all okay

  2. Oooo I’ve never caught one as it’s gone live! I listen to you every night thank you so much for your soothing voice ❤ sending much love from Nottingham uk xx listening now thank you 🙏🏽

  3. Oh, thank God you’re back. I am on a new diet of no fat, no sugar and low carbs. I had a Gallstone and went to the er. I am extremely stressed with this new diet. Trying to figure out what to eat and What is safe to eat is exhausting. I can eat Vegetables and whole grains and chicken but limited beef l can’t eat food that has a lot of fat. I’m just emotionally drained. I am going to have an MRI on June 18th to determine if I need my gallbladder out. I’m VERY stressed and worried about all this. I wish I could have told you before.

    Also, my beloved, guinea pig Joy passed away. I’m trying to do my best. Thank you for your support my friend. PS: I am sorry for commenting here, but I wanted to say hi and give you an update, 😊 lots of hugs! Goodnight! Love you!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sorry I have to comment as “Sam” but I’m not sure if I am allowed to be a part of this community somtimes. I love you Lauren! I could REALLY use your encouragement as I go through this new journey of my life. Love, Maddie
    PS: I wish I could give you a huge hug! I could really use one!

  4. My heart aches. I hate that I can’t have my favorite foods anymore. Stupid gallbladder! I wish could give you a hug till you turn blue. I wish I could have talked to you about all of this before.

  5. I love you sooooooo much my friend. It’s been REALLY hard! I just want to hug you.

  6. Thank you for your encouragement. I really do need it. I miss my old life where I didn’t have to worry about what is safe for me to eat. I have to have limited amounts of sugar, no fat and no carbs. I really hope I don’t need gallbladder removal surgery. Gallstones are way worse than kidney stones. I have been struggling. I am so exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally. I also miss my beloved Guinea pig Joy. PLEASE please give me some encouragement.
    Love, Maddie

    1. Maddie, I send you heaps of encouragement. You are giving yourself gifts that will have lasting benefits. I’m sorry about Joy. I recently lost my Bailey Dog. I mourn with you.

  7. Oooh… Just in time for bed…lol… Glad you’re enjoying the new job… It can get monotonous but when you get to meet your customers it is extremely rewarding…. ❤… Just take care and make time for sleep.. luv always ❤😊

  8. I have cried so much over this. I REALLY need your support dear friend. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with these dietary restrictions but unfortunately I have to deal with these for the rest of my life. I wish I could call you and talk. ❤️ love you, Love, Maddie

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