Don’t Ignore THIS Sleep Tactic for Better Sleep (with a partner)

We like to assume that if we’re in a committed partnership, we SHOULD be sleeping in the same bedroom. But according to a 2023 survey by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, over one-third of Americans sleep in separate bedrooms β€” either occasionally or consistently β€” to accommodate a partner. And by the way, it’s millenials who are leading the way.

Sleeping in separate bedrooms does not have to be a taboo subject. So in this video, join Lacey as she explains WHY some couples might want to consider sleeping in separate bedrooms and how to best have the conversation with your partner.

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0:00 Sleeping With Our Partners
0:27 How Common Is It?
1:07 Forming a Sleep Alliance
1:45 A Lack of Quality Sleep
2:55 Different Circadian Rhythms
4:14 Sleep Disorders
4:45 It Doesn't Have to be Permanent

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