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  1. This shows how you can be an expert on sleep, and not be an expert on child development. Teens generally require more sleep than adults due to ongoing growth and hormonal changes. Baby > Child > Teen > Adult. Perhaps the woman in the clip misarticulated her point, but the idea that a sleep expert doesn’t understand that children need more sleep is crazy!

  2. I am 16 and for past 1 month i have been working on just 2 hrs of sleep since its exam month.

  3. Personally i think, as a teen, it depends on who your child is and how they sleep.

    For example, i am the only person i know who will wake up completely on time no matter how much sleep i get if it’s worth it enough. So if i have to get up at say 5:30 to do something like keep a routine, stay healthy, exercise, etc i wont be able to for more than two days because the excitedness wears off and my brain will start ignoring my alarm.

    But if i have to get up at 5:30 to pick up some roller skates, go to an event I’m looking forward to, etc i will wake up on time or early. Most definitely earlier than whoever told me to wake up and usually on my first alarm (I have multiple jic anyway) meaning i could be fully ready and prepared half an hour before anyone even wakes up because i know how my sleeping habits are and wont let myself back to sleep.

    It also could be because there’s normally variation in my alarm times which makes my brain go WOoNnk but generally i dont know anyone else who does this.

    TL:DR: Sleeping habits and brain patterns are varied depending on people and generalising causes stereotypes more than anything

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