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Thank you for listening to my deep sleep guided meditation and sleep hypnosis audio track, which is set against a background of relaxing and atmospheric music. If you would prefer an alternative sound, this video is also available with several background audio options.

I have written this guided breathing meditation and self hypnosis session to help you quickly relax, fall asleep fast and stop overthinking at any time, especially before bedtime so that you can enjoy your best deep night's sleep by reducing anxiety and negative thinking.

This 40-minute deep sleep guided meditation and sleep hypnosis focuses on using the power of the breath to self-soother and self-calm ourselves to reduce stress and anxiety. We all have the power to control our emotions and stress levels simply by changing our breathing patterns.

This video and audio track also contains some powerful positive suggestions and language patterns to improve your confidence and to send you off to a blissful night's sleep in a happy and productive frame of mind.

This track blends guided sleep meditation, self-hypnosis and positive suggestions. It is designed to help soothe and quieten your mind as well as to reduce the harmful effects of overthinking at night. When you are able to stop your mind wandering into the future or into the past – especially when doing so creates anxiety – you are able to access your subconscious mind. Your subconscious control mind is far more amenable to positive and encouraging suggestions when you are in the trance state.

I hope also that you enjoy the relaxing background music – Beautiful Reef – from, as well as the beautiful tropical beach image by Jeremy Bishop on

This audio track daily is designed to be used on a regular basis – as many times as you wish. Since hypnosis induces positive behavioural change, a different version of you will be listening each time and so your subconscious will enjoy a different experience on each occasion you tune in.

I do hope you enjoy and benefit from this deep sleep guided mediation and self-hypnosis experience.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. Thank you for this meditation for sleep and relaxation.i hope I can get some good sleep tonight while I listen to it.i hope it soothes and relaxes me to sleep well.,❤️😊🎃😁😂💜

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I hope you slept or relaxed well. Nick

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback, Danielle. Hope you slept well. Best, Nick

  2. Thanks Nick, I’ve dozed off to your meditations a few times now after only recently finding you. Your calming voice helps my anxiety…thank you 🙏🏽

    1. Hi Jenny Lou, thanks so much for writing. I’m pleased the tracks are helping you. Sleep well, Nick.

  3. I’m so glad I have found you and your channel. Your videos are so good and your voice is so calming. Thankyou 💖 I believe you are an Earth Angel sent to bring comfort for those struggling. Again thankyou ❤️

    1. Hi Annie-Rose, thanks for your kind feedback. I’m so pleased you find these tracks helpful. Sleep well, Nick

    1. Thank you, Tracy. I’ll never forget you were one of my first subscribers and so supportive! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well? Nick

    2. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation I am!! Thank you! You got me through my third shift position! And not, I’m on first shift for good! What a relief. I still have nights I struggle to sleep, but I come here and sadly never get to the end of a video before I am dead asleep😂 I knew your channel would take off.

    3. That’s great. So pleased. Please stop by to say hi every so often! 🙂

  4. Love your meditations! Wondering if you could do one to reduce/eliminate unnecessary night time waking? Or fall asleep fast after waking in the night? 💙

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your lovely feedback. I will look into this for you. Sleep well, Nick

    1. You’re very welcome! I’m so pleased you found it helpful. Sleep well, Nick

  5. Thank you Nick, a lovely calming experience. Fell fast asleep 😴🙌💞

    1. You’re welcome, Simone. I’m pleased it helped. Thanks for listening. Nick

  6. After years of depression anxiety feeling worthless and suicudal i discovered this Best night sleep ive had in 10 years thank you so much for saving my life nick

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for listening and also for sharing your feedback and experience. I’m so pleased you found the session helpful. With my very best, Nick

    2. @Adrian Sieja Thanks Adrian for contributing to the channel and supporting other listeners. Sleep well, Nick

    3. @Tanya D Hi Tanya, thanks for listening and writing. I hope you are in a better place now. Sleep well, Nick

    1. I’m so glad you find it helpful, Sam. Sleep well, Nick

  7. This is amazing, iv watched a few sleep videos but this one sent me to a nice peaceful night sleep. Thank you!! 😊

    1. Thanks Courtney – for writing and listening! Sleep well, Nick

  8. You are one of the very few meditation creators that had the sense to make your video black screen. Also the words are very soothing and effective. You dont have instructions that have the person do different body movements which I find unsettling. THANK YOU. Such a big help!! Wish I could loop just in case I wake up but there is no option on my android.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for listening and also for writing. I’m pleased you enjoy the meditations. I purposefully keep them simple with language and suggestions. I also do not enjoy the complex ones! 🙂 But that’s a good idea about a loop. I will look at creating looped longer versions in the future. Sleep well, Nick

    2. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation Thank you so much. Never expected a reply from you. Much love and success to you.

    3. @Linda Schoenherr Likewise. Thanks for listening and taking the time to write. Sleep well, Nick

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. I’m so pleased it helped. Sleep well, Nick.

  9. I loved this video, it’s so encouraging, it helps with self-esteem which many of us lack & encourages self-love & self-care, thamk you Nick, it’s so relaxing & mind clearing, just what’s needed for a good nights sleep 😊

  10. This is a “new to me” sleep meditation. Since I discovered your channel a few months ago I have been searching through all of your work and experimenting with the various videos.
    This one was so perfect for me last night. I was feeling particularly agitated and within minutes your healing voice soothed me into a dreamy sleep state. The calming music complements your voice so beautifully here.
    I love to read the comments and I love how you read and reply or acknowledge them too. I hope you know that you are changing lives with these videos. Sleep is so vital to health and something so many of us struggle with especially after suffering a trauma. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift with us. God bless you, Nick. 🧡

    1. Hi Angelina, such a nice message, thanks! 🙂 I’m thrilled you enjoy the videos and are making your way through the back catalogue! The first ones are what I would call a little “rough around the edges” but they mark a journey over the past two years! I love reading the comments. I feel it’s important to reply if people take the time to write. You never know when it will help give somebody a boost, just being heard and acknowledged. Again, thanks for always listening and writing. Much appreciated. Nick

    2. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation I may have mentioned that my daughter was killed in June of this year. I was unable to sleep and I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Your videos were literally a Godsend. So if I gush a bit it is because your work has been vital to my health. It is extremely difficult to cope with daytime stress when we don’t get our restorative rest.
      Please know that the work you do is important and deeply appreciated. I wish the word “hypnosis” were not so misunderstood. I’m doing my best to correct that by sharing your work whenever I can. ♥️

    1. You’re working your way through the back catalogue there, I see! 🙂 Some of the early ones are a bit ‘rough around the edges’. I like to think they’ve improved in quality the past year or so! Sleep well and thanks again for listening and writing. Nick

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