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  1. Thank you for this… too often we hear we’re too sensitive, too emotional… but I honestly see it as a strength, and (not trying to sound cocky) in many situations I’ve possessed a higher emotional intelligence than others

  2. Woah i just wanna say, thank you so much. I’m a 15yr old with insomnia around *that* time of the month, and a lot of times have issues with overthinking. Your meditations have helped me sleep for at least four years now. Thank you so much. You’re beautiful.

  3. I was just watching a video about how empaths externalize themselves and allow themselves to be “tuned” by others. I realized that I can become stuck in a state where I can be easily moved by others because I can’t voluntarily switch into my “frame.” I think you’re right about the high, evolved nature of empathy (why Jesus focused so much on the golden rule), but it may be good to also practice the ability to return to your frame and not allow yourself to be “tuned” by others’ energies as a result of being an empath. It can allow you pass respect tests and possibly avoid trouble. According to the video, it can also act as a beacon to allow magnetism of like and unlike individuals to occur. Still working out the balance between these things – just figured I would drop some thoughts in the chat. Always nice to see your vids.

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