Can You Reset Your Circadian Rhythm?

​​ ⇨ Check out Sleep Foundation’s page on how to change your circadian rhythm.

Join Faith as she explains how our circadian rhythms govern our sleep, and why resetting our circadian rhythms may be a little easier than we think!

╔ Can We Fix Our Circadian Rhythm? ╗

Our bodies are governed by an internal clock. And just as the sun rises and sets, our circadian rhythms are regulating when we wake up and when we feel ready for bed.

The term circadian rhythm actually comes from the Latin phrase, “circa diem”, meaning “about a day.” And just about every living thing is regulated by this internal clock. The daily circadian cycle begins and ends with your eyes, specifically what’s known as “zeitgebers”, or “time givers.”

Any number of things can knock us out of our normal circadian rhythm. Changing time zones — or even the seasonal change of clocks — are the big ones. But even small things like a night out with friends or a late meal right before bed can affect your rhythm.

To fix your circadian rhythm, try the following:

One, keep a regular sleep schedule – and I mean everyday, even on weekends. Avoid hitting snooze. And try to avoid binging those new episodes late into the night. Consistency is key.

Two, your circadian clock is already calibrated to the light, so exposure to bright light can help you alter your body’s schedule, especially for shift workers.

Three, sleep aids and supplements, if you time them correctly, can help induce your sleep. But, it’s important that you only use them for a short-time: long enough to teach your body your new, desired sleep schedule.

Four, circadian rhythms not only dictate when we wake, but when we feel hungry, Changing your meal times can reset your body’s schedule.

But, so can changing your meal CHOICES. Avoid foods with caffeine, sugar, and high fat content right before bed.

Finally, if you’re not falling asleep when you want, try to add exercise to your daily routine to get a cortisol boost during your waking hours.


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  1. I noticed that my circadian rhythm gets out of whack when I take long naps (over 1 hour). So, now, if I nap I limit it to no more than 20 minutes.

    1. That’s a great idea! We strongly recommend limiting naps to no more than 20 or 30 minutes

  2. Just wanted to tell that the narrator is awesome, I hope she has a channel on her own : incredible captivating voice tone !

    1. I love people like you. Fucking hate that people don’t get to the point before halfway through the algorithm padding.

    2. @Namedrop Can a content creator explain the how and what before saying exactly what’s in the title? I felt like every second of this 4 minutes video was interesting.

  3. In afternoon after lunch when I try to take nap for 20 min but it extends upto 2 hours it screws my circadian rhythm

  4. 0:08 “If you’ve ever travelled across timezones” … *OR IF YOU HAVE EVER HAD A WEEKEND OFF FROM SCHOOL/WORK?*

    LOL this is me watching on a Sunday, because I have to wake up at 7:30 AM tomorrow, Monday morning. I planned to wake up at 9 AM today, but my body refused to wake up even at 9 AM because I have postponed my bedtimes SO much during this weekend, that, I just had my breakfast at 11 AM. This is an every-weekend-struggle for me. I HATE going to bed early and waking up early, so the moment I don’t have to, I mess the whole thing up, and makes everything worse for myself as soon as Monday hits again…

  5. I am trying to change my sleep schedule and I notice I wake up every 3 hours in the night. Can I do something about this?

    1. Same. Exact same. Sometime I can’t even fall back asleep and stay awake for a few hours then sleep a few hours.

  6. I think I also need to learn to stop thinking when I’m laying in bed. And actually just relax

  7. My goal was to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7. I was sleeping at 2-3am and waking up around 11 am for a year. This is what worked for me. The first week is tough.
    -go to sleep when your actually tired and you know will fall asleep within 20 minutes
    -wake 30 minutes earlier each day until you wake up at your desired time. Eventually you will feel tired at your desired sleep time .

    1. I’m trying to reset my schedule, and am on week 3…still super tired during the day, not quite adjusted yet. Like you, I was going to bed between 2-3am, and waking between 10-11am, for years! It is not easy to switch, but it must be done.

  8. I literally have a reversed circadian rhythm. I start falling asleep at sunrise and wake up in the mid-to-late afternoon. It seems like this has been my homeostasis since childhood because, as a child, I could never fall asleep before 3 a.m., and I would sleep through the school day. Now, as a working adult, it feels the most natural to me, because I feel actually rested, when compared to attempting to sleep through the night.

    1. I’m much the same and feel best when I can stick to my own sleep schedule. It also started in childhood for me. It was hard going through school and later taking my own child to school on time.
      Had so many battles trying to change my body clock, it can litterally be crazy-making.
      Eventually I was diagnosed with DSPD and the neurologist said: it’s probably best if you ride out these last few years of having to force yourself to get up early (my child was still too young to go to school on her own etc)
      But as soon as you can just find ways to adapt your life/ work hours to what your body dictates.
      It was such a relief to find a MD who understood “just go to bed early, no blue lights” does not work for some of us. It is actually hardwired in my brain.
      But when circumstances change,
      like not being able to find a new
      job at my best hours, it’s still a struggle.

  9. Summary:
    Consistent sleep schedule, sunlight exposure, sleep aid, change meal times, exercise in the morning.

  10. My sleep issue is taking a toll on my life. I can’t keep going like this. 😭

  11. I’ve been watching CUT videos for 4 hours and its 3 AM, tried figuring out how to fix my scheduele and Faith pops up lmfaoo

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