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  1. The pagan in me is trying to decide if your really don’t understand or just being funny. Lol

    1. @@tarkusdotcoma lot of these are spell work not for incense. It’s a way ask for or seek something a person wants. And it’s sealed to keep it “working” . Each mix has a different purpose and pagans will use things like this for different reasons. Simple terms it’s hard to explain in a comment section but definitely something to look up if you want to know more

    2. The careful thinker in me is trying to decide whether you really believe spells have any power (other than the placebo effect) or you’re just pulling our chains. I fear it’s the former, but I’d be delighted to be mistaken.

    3. @@MikeAnn193 bit of both lol for me personally I don’t see it as the spell will give me what I want it’s more the action gives motivation or a focus to achieve what I want. your conscious actions can affect your unconscious reactions so placebo kinda ? lol I also rarely use spell work even if I did I think my personal gods would say do it yourself anyway but I don’t speak for all pagans as I am still fairly new and not all pagans are the same with how they do things.

    4. @@MikeAnn193 imma go out on a limb and assume your aren’t religious or atleast not die hard

  2. 🤦
    Sadly, I’m confident that hundreds of thousands of people would see this and _without a shred of evidence or reason_ give it a try. Some would have a good sleep and some wouldn’t, but they’d draw conclusions based on what they _want_ to believe instead of on the evidence.
    I’m genuinely terrified by the level of credulity and gullibility in human beings. It will surely be the death of us all.

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