Can a weighted blanket help with RLS? A sleep doctor answers your questions!

Sleep troubles come in all shapes and sizes — from issues falling asleep, to waking up in the middle of the night, to how to maximize one's deep sleep. Join sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus as he answers burning sleep questions from the community!

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0:00 Answering YOUR questions
0:43 Using a weighted blanket
1:18 Is RLS simply an excess of glucose?
1:55 Visiting a sleep doctor?

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  1. Doesn’t work for me. A weighted blanket escalates my RLS to full on claustrophobia. My dad had RLS too, long before it had a name.

  2. eat meat before going to bed. if I want to sleep like a baby, I’ll eat a piece of steak. I fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.
    it’s weird but it works! 🍖 🥓 🥩

  3. Through trial and error, I stumbled upon a simple means of mitigating much of the discomfort of RLS, allowing me to return to sleep: I roll into the prone position and tuck my knees under my chest. I find the pressure this applies to my legs, especially my calves, where the discomfort is greatest, very soothing. I can’t remain in this position more than a few minutes because it restricts circulation to my legs, so I roll onto my side, restoring circulation, but keeping a semi-tucked posture that allows me to fall asleep. Yes, it can test the knees, but for me, it works quite well.

  4. I tried two different weighted blankets and both were so heavy I couldn’t breathe. I don’t understand the appeal.

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