Best Mattresses of 2024 – Top 5 Sleep Doctor Picks!

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Given the options out there, buying a new mattress can seem overwhelming. There are different materials, brands, and prices. Not to mention, you need something that is tailored to your unique body weight and sleeping position.

At Sleep Doctor, our team of mattress testing experts does the hard work of testing each mattress we can get our hands on. After reviewing hundreds of beds each year, we've developed a list of our favorites. Join sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus, as he explains what you should be looking for in a mattress. Then, David Rubin, Sleep Doctor's Director of Product Testing, breaks down the top beds and explains who they are right for.

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2:50 Best Luxury Pick
4:15 Best for Side Sleepers
5:11 Best for Cooling
6:11 Some Tips for Buying a Mattress

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  1. As a person who moves around a lot while sleeping, I made the mistake of purchasing a Miracle Foam bed instead of the Posture Pedic that I was originally looking at a few years ago. It is true that while I was in the show room, I did not move while looking at the mattress. Unfortunately, it also makes it challenging when I do want to change positions for better comfort. Never again. A good mattress is not a cheap investment.

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