Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers — Our Top 8 Picks!

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Getting too hot throughout the night can be majorly disruptive to your sleep. Whether you live in a warmer climate or tend to just run hot while you sleep, having a mattress that is breathable and doesn't trap heat can be a real game changer.

Our Test Lab runs objective and subjective tests on hundreds of beds each year to help find the most cooling mattresses on the market. Generally speaking, you'll want to find a hybrid model with coils in the base of the bed, and layers of foam that don't conform to your body (which can trap additional heat).

So in this video, join Tom as he gives you our best cooling mattresses.

📺 And don't forget about sheets! We have our best sheets roundup right here:

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0:00 Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers
0:22 Best Overall
1:40 Most Comfortable
2:54 Best Organic Pick
4:10 Best Value
5:28 Best for Combination Sleepers
6:52 Best for Back Pain
8:08 Best for Side Sleepers
9:32 Best Temperature Regulating

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  1. I have the birch. 6ft 200lbs and an athletic build. Side sleeper. Love love love it. Also ordered th topper coming in a week cause I love the support of latex but miss a soft bed, without being stuck

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