Before Bed Sleep Music | Soft crystal singing bowls

This 8 hour, sound bath was designed just for you, and just for tonight 🥰

In this session you'll hear the gentlest strikes for the softest melody. This isn't just any sound bath though, it's calming music for your before bed routine that you can keep on as you drift off to dreamland. Those gentle strikes will stop your mind from running and the long, low vibrations will release all that tension your body has been carrying.

As always…
🏮 The low lighting dims slowly over the course of the first hour so that you will fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
🛌 The gentlest strikes of the singing bowls will serve to ease the mind and stimulate the types of thoughts that will soon become your dreams.
🚫 There are no commercials for the entire 8 hours.

We hope you achieve deep, pure sleep and awake feeling rested, healthy, and energized. If you like the video please subscribe for more.

-The Healing Vibrations Media Team

Best for insomnia, anxiety, tension, and getting a full night's rest.

Did you know we have hundreds of other sounds baths on our other channel?

Come listen to our Zodiac or chakra based sound baths as well as many others ❤️

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About the Author: Joy Packard


  1. Thank you for being a comfort place to come to. Thank you for the no commercials too! Appreciate it.

    1. I’m honored our channel can hold a comfortable space for you Nevaeh ❤❤❤

  2. Wow, I need this right now! Thank you so much. I appreciate you and sending you and everyone on here a hug. Whatever you are going through, we got this!

    1. You’re amazing! Thank you for the kind words and the hug! I send a big hug right back to you ❤🫂❤

  3. Wow I slept so well, I can’t believe it worked. I did wake with a bit of a headache but wow was worth it to finally as someone who suffers with insomnia to get a full 7 hours of sleep instead of just 3 hours a night Thank you so much 🙏😴🙏🌹

    1. @Kaeyra Velez I did take 2 paracetamol when I woke I’ve not slept in year’s I suffer with severe Ptsd, so to finally get some sleep without thought’s running through my mind constantly was amazing 😴😴😴💐

    2. @Melissa Waterhouse good sleep is always amazing! Maybe have a bottle of water by the bed to help a bit with the headache or nausea in the am

    3. Aw thanks a lot for sharing your experience here Melissa! I’m happy to hear you got a full 7 hours of sleep! Though it’s not super uncommon, the headache could be part of a detoxing process too❤🙏😴

    4. @Sleeping Vibrations You are so welcome my insomnia and Ptsd makes me feel I can never shut out the thoughts but this did so Thank you so much 🙏💐💐

    1. @Jazmine or maybe he just wants to sleep too😅 but I’ll rather believe he’s a good sibling

  4. This dude sat down and played his bowls 8 hours for us?!?! That is incredible! Thank you so much!

    1. @Hokzy or maybe she was being sarcastic and you fell for it because you’re gullible.😊

  5. Been waking up at around 3am and I always bust this one out to go back to bed , so peaceful

  6. Had to pull myself up and out of pure relaxation to comment on how incredible this was. Speechless!

    1. That means a lot to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your appreciation! ❤️❤️

  7. Perfect timing omggg, almost fell asleep but had to comment that this is amazing, thank you so much! Goodnight!!

  8. This sounds absolutely beautiful. I wish I could listen to it bc it’s so relaxing, ,but unfortunately it’s doing a major number in my ears because of severe tinnitus. Kudos to you for doing this for so long for everyone!!!

  9. Normally singing bowls stress me out but this is the only time they’ve made me feel peaceful

    1. I know exactly what you mean. We’re grateful this resonated so well with you Kylee ✨✨

  10. This sound bath is truly that. It’s very cleansing and I feel like my chakras are opening and am in a higher consciousness for prayer and meditation. Definitely more mentally sharp and aware. Btw, I woke up from good sleep in a remote farming village to turn this on. Very grateful for this as I feel my consciousness raising.

    1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Your awareness to the effects is a gift and we’re very grateful you were able to receive this in its entirety. You consciousness is indeed raising, seek and you shall find. Big hugs to you. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thank you! Amazing to meditate to and sleep to too! Just love it! A million thanks! Love to all!!

    1. Thank you so much! Your love, appreciation and support is deeply received. Huge hugs to you❤️🫂

  12. i come here whenever i feel like i cant shut my mind up, whenever i feel like anxiety is eating my brain. I often play this in my headphones while doing work in campus and it seriously works like a charm. Thank you.

    1. I’m very happy to hear that our content can help quiet your mind a bit! It does the absolute same to me, thanks for being here Zara❤🙏☺

  13. I put this on and not only do all my pets jump into bed with me they immediately fall asleep soo relaxed .I wake up feeling so refreshed after falling asleep to these

    1. Yesss, I love to hear that! My cats love them too. Thanks for sharing Drey ❤️🙏❤️

  14. I cannot express how grateful my mind and soul is for this 8 hour video. I am an ICU nurse and I operate daily at a high level of anxiety. When I came home and listened to this my whole mind shut off and I had the best and deepest sleep. I’ve been listening to this often since hearing it Saturday for the first time. Now even while I’m driving to block out the noise and distraction of the day. I hear these bowls clearly…. And I’m so grateful

    1. You’re amazing Madison. Thank you for your beautiful message. I’m honored my music can be here for you in the way that you’re there for others as a nurse. You know where to find my channel when you need it! Big hugs to you! ❤️🫂

    2. @GRAPESHOT ENJOYER thank you! It is something no one understands until they see it for themselves. Thank you for keeping the staff safe!! I’m sure you were such a value to their days ❤️

    1. You’re amazing, thank you as well for your support, it means a lot to me. Huge hugs to you and your family! 💜🫂💜

  15. My home had 3 barking dogs at 12:30am , they have settled into sleepy time and now I am too. Thank you!!

    1. I hope you all got some restful sleep! 💜☺️💤💤

  16. I just woke up for my 3AM bathroom run and this has been playing on my phone for 5.5 hours. Amazing is a supreme understatement!!! Thank you!! 🙏🏾

    1. I’m happy to help, my friend! 💜✨☺️💤💤💤

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