Baby Sleep Training Methods EXPLAINED (Ferber Method, Cry It Out Method)

In this video I explain all of the different baby sleep training methods out there and share with you where the Little Z method fits in with the rest! We cover the No Cry Method, Ferber Method, Chair Method and the Cry It Out Method.

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  1. Thanks for your videos!! My 9.5 month old settles by rocking or nursing to sleep which needs to change- I tried all types of gentle training (I have to stay with him as he climbs the crib and injures himself) he cries to the point where his stomach gurgles and sounds like he’s going to throw up. He’s a very gassy baby and he then proceeds to burping for 30 min!!! I currently pat his back as he cries for 5 min then pick up and soothe until he’s drowsy then start again- but almost always I end up rocking him as it gets to the point where he’s so inconsolable even as I’m rocking him then he gets over tired and wakes every hour! Is sleep training just not for my little guy? Thanks for your help!

    1. Please look into the long term studies of the cry it out method it’s actually incredibly harmful in the later years

    2. None of those studies are valid. They are based on neglected children. Sleep training your child does not equate to neglect

    3. Hi, how thing are doing now? Which method worked the best for you? I have a 6 months baby and my situation is EXACTLY like yours… I don’t know what to do… please, help!

    4. @universe amor just seeing this now for some reason- so my little guy is now almost 3 and unfortunately still needs help going to sleep. (One of us has to sit in bed with him until he falls asleep) sleep training wasn’t for him as he would get so worked up he would make himself throw up even only crying for 30 seconds! We rocked him until he was 16 months (then I got pregnant again and had to stop) and we then laid him down and would pat his bum. Then at 22 months we moved him to a big boy bed so we could lay with him as I was too pregnant to stand over a crib for so long. He also still takes about 30 min to go to sleep. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do so everyone can get some sleep! I wish you all the best! Kids sleep is the worst! Whoever came up with the expression sleep like a baby to say they got good sleep clearly never had a baby lol!

  2. You’ve helped me so much. I’m so glad I found ur videos. I wish I could afford your program right now!

    1. I’m so glad you found me!!! Check our website for sales that run for our programs!!

  3. I tried different methods (except the cry out) to sleep training my oldest but he would resist anyway, not to mention the sleep deprivated I was. Then the second one and I choose nursing and co-sleep with him (his crib next to our bed) and both enjoy it no regrets … now they’re preschoolers, they love their own bed, and they’re the active and outgoing kids in the block! My recommendation is don’t left them in exhaustion, don’t left him unattended, how many kids die in her crib, this season is hard but it’s short, soon they will fly. If you give them the best of yourself you will harvest the best too… God loves the little children

    1. That’s the way nature intended it to be. That’s why it feels so easy. We love it too. Happy baby, happy mommy.

    2. Thank u so so much..🙏🏼u hv no idea how much this was needed to me…I actually am very exhausted cz hvnt slept through the night from 13 months…my baby us very used to sleep by nursing only so i hv to feed him evry time he wakes up…i co slip with him…so this morning i decided that i cnt do this anymore so just an hr ago i trued CiO method n it went terribly by seing him cry for me I quit in 10 minutes…so nw i dnt knw hw long this will be like this

    3. @Renu Hazari I tried CiO. I lasted 2 minutes. The most heartbreaking 2 minutes of my life. Not for us. Baby cries for Mommy, baby gets Mommy.

    4. @I am who You say I am het good news is here i hv finally started to sleep through the night when my baby was 14 months as i stopped breastfeeding him he quickly started to sleep all night long as there was no reason for him to wake up

  4. Best information I’ve gotten since I had my baby. I haven’t slept in 9 months. Thank you, I’ll definitely try out a method I think is best 🙂

  5. What about special needs children? My daughter is 4 and has Spinocerebellar ataxia and is developmentally disabled. She has only slept through the night 2 or 3 times. 😩 We have a 2 month old too, we’re tired.

  6. Just searching how long does a four month old baby sleep then there you go i came to your channel and super happy with the result just now i tried the wake and sleep method and it works . praying that may baby will totally learn how to sleep in his own after this much love thank you

  7. I use the cry it out method on all my kids. Nothing at all wrong with letting them cry if nothing is physically wrong.

    1. May not be physically wrong. But psychological is another subject.

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see how anxious your kids become as adults.

    2. @Timber Malcolm ah! Well, with that attitude, they definitely will. Good luck! 🙃

    3. @Erik Gonzalez Please stop fear mongering about things the clinical evidence does not support.

  8. My son is 2 years old. We have used the no cry method since birth. There have been some incredibly frustrating, tired and crazy nights. But I’ll have you know that most of the nights have been incredible moments of bonding and learning about each other. Now he likes to cuddle for 5-10 minutes and get up on his own, crawl into bed and pass out. I wouldn’t change any of it, it’s been a great adventure and he has felt loved and safe the whole time through.

  9. I heard that there was something called sleep training. It is supposed to help your baby to get on the right schedule when it comes to sleeping. I want to know if anyone has heard about this.

  10. What method would you suggest for a 5 month old who won’t sleep during the day except with getting bounced to sleep?

    1. Hey Anna! My Baby E-Coaching program walks you through a step by step plan to get your little one sleeping independently! It is not Cry It Out, but it is also not a no cry sleep method. If you would like more information about our strategies, feel free to email!

  11. What should I do if my baby is 11 months old, takes two naps a day, and bed time is at 8? If I were to do the cry it out method, would I also do this for naps? I feel like it would make things more consistent, but also by the time he will finally fall asleep, he wouldn’t be able to have a second nap that day

    1. Hey there! My Baby E-Coaching teaches independent sleep for nights and naps. I teach a step by step plan on what to do when baby is protesting naps and how to offer an emergency nap!

  12. Is your program successful for twins sleeping in the same bedroom? I have some friends who desperately need help and I feel like your program would be so good for them

    1. Hey Laura! In my course, I use the leave and check method for a 14 month old!

  13. Hi Becca – we have purchased the Little Z’s sleep training and are nearly ready to implement. We are wondering though, how much crying is actually normal? I came into the room and he was crying very hysterically, trying to climb up the crib, I tried to shoosh and comfort and rub his back, at this point, he was actually shacking and climbing up my arm. You say that protesting is normal and crying, but feels like its beyond a protest…

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Mic! If you would copy and paste your comments and questions above and then email them to support@littlezsleep, my team would LOVE to share with you what you can expect when it comes to crying once you officially begin night 1 of our program! 💛 We are thrilled for you to start and for your family to make sleep a thing!

  14. We did ferber with my boy if we knew for certain he wasn’t awake due to over/under tired or sickness. He has bad ears so crying is really bad for ear drainage. It was perfect during regression and now at 18 months he points to crib for nite nite and sleeps 11 to 12 hours

  15. Cry-it-out was recommended everywhere I looked/read when my first was born. Years later, I still have horrible feelings of sadness, guilt, regret, and anger for trying it. It was so extremely painful and unnatural, but the “experts” push so hard that it’s the best thing for you and your baby.

    1. We never want you to feel guilt or regret during your sleep journey! My team and I are here to encourage and support you and your little one so that sleep can be a thing for your whole family! Each family is unique and we are here to help you find the best fit! 💛 If you’d like to know more about our specific programs and strategies, please reach out to us at!

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