Ask The Sleep Doctor Ep. 14: Tips to Sleep Cool and Comfortable

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About the Author: Joy Packard


  1. I got a Sleep Eight (or Eight Sleep?). It is not cheap! But I love it so much. It really works. Just cooling by a degree or two can really make a big difference.
    Also, some air flow with a ceiling fan can really help.

    When I can’t sleep I count backwards from 30. I never get past 20. I do it when my mind is racing or I am ruminating on something. My mind does wander sometimes and then I start over at 30. But I am generally asleep fairly quickly when I do it. I don’t think I’d like counting backward every 3 numbers. It seems like I’d have to think too hard and that would be mentally stimulating.

  2. I’m in Australia (winter at the moment). I’m in the process of finding out if I’m going through menopause as I’ve had a lot of symptoms over the last few years… Even more so in the last 2 months since my gynecologist changed my contraceptive pill (the last pill I was on was the type to not show if I was menopausal or not through blood tests etc). I’ve always been a very light sleeper, any sound or light would wake me straight away. Since starting this new pill my hot flushes have escalated to the point where I’m not getting any sleep. Being winter here it can get into the minuses of a night so I’m either freezing or I feel like I’m going to self combust! Covers are on & off (pj’s too), my ceiling fan is on all night & I sometimes use icepacks. The back of my head, neck, down the middle of my back, my hands & feet are the areas that over heat the most… Leaving the rest of my body freezing…. Help please 🥺🇦🇺💖

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