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  1. Thanks doc ..very true. It makes no sense for companies to sell melatonin in 10mg dose or higher

    1. I’m so glad you aren’t in charge of melatonin regulation.
      The No. 1 melatonin researcher in the world takes 180mg/night because that’s the dose, by weight, that equals what he gives his mice that produces all the best benefits.
      With my weight, I take 500mg/night.

    2. @TomK. our ancestors never took it artificially. Body needs it artificially because there is some prognosis

    1. Hopefully around bedtime lol. Feel a little hungover in the morning? You should ease into it.

    1. I always take 20 lol it doesn’t do anything different but make u sleep faster I use 2, 10mg’s

  2. Took 120mg about an hour ago currently feeling drowsy asf I think more might make me fall asleep

    1. Dang I been worried about the 50 mg I just took, looks like I had many to go 💀

    2. My mom took it for a year. She seen people/ghost jumped out of the closet at her. She was stuck between waking up and going back to sleep 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  3. If we need 0.5mg to fall asleep, then I do some math and yadda yadda, that means I need 15mg

  4. The No. 1 melatonin researcher in the world said he takes 180mg/night and he doesn’t know a single researcher who takes LESS THAN 100mg/night. And, he said, he knows them all!

    He also says you CANNOT overdose on melatonin. It has a feedback signal that prevents any negative side effects.

  5. There’s no such thing as “overdosing” on melatonin.
    According to the No. 1 melatonin researcher in the world, melatonin has a feedback system that prevents that from happening. You literally CAN’T overdose on melatonin.

  6. Melatonin makes me very angry in the morning and I hate it I need a substitute maybe I can get a medical card or something

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