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  1. Spitting facts darling❤don’t let the mean, ignorant ones get you down. Be the Light with the light and stay living in your own kindness

  2. and this is how becoming your own enemy is created, when you start dwelling on a label somebody may say it once but you will carry it longer, and when the next person labels and so forth and before you know it there’s nothing left inside but anger, fear, regret and whatever else comes with those feelings.

  3. i know sometimes people can be in denial of being addicted, does this also include mental health can somebody actually be having a mental breakdown and be in denial. i found this, The term “nervous breakdown” is used by some people to describe a stressful situation when life’s demands become physically and emotionally overwhelming. It affects a person’s ability to meet their own needs and do daily tasks and activities. The term was often used in the past, but mental health professionals no longer use it. Instead, you may hear the term “mental health crisis.” i looked this up because i have had these similar feelings for a long time now. and i was worried that maybe im already experiencing this without even being aware of it. unless its just going to hit me in the moment or it happens over a course of time.

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