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  1. Do we really need to believe that in the scheme of things we have a purpose. I’ve spent a life time deep thinking and have found not to be enlightening just ponderous. I prefer to think superficially it feels better it doesn’t mean I’m superficial it just means searching for the one true thing in your life doesn’t get you any closer to finding yourself. I prefer to practice analytical thinking with no specific purpose since I’ll never figure it all out anyway. Now, if your eyes are on the road how are you seeing anything to drive the car I think watch where you’re going better unless you just don’t care where you’re going

    1. I just so love your comments, they leave me thinking wondering and exploring and I just love that. I agree with you in part I enjoy analytical thinking and I find it almost to be a religion of sorts for me… But then I do feel I have a purpose I feel my purpose isto help others and somehow that gives me meaning when I feel sad… Larry, it is such a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me.

  2. Hi Gorgeous ❤. I have missed hearing your calming voice and seeing your beautiful face😊😊

    1. 😊 thank you so awesome to hear from you. Thanks so much for reaching out and so awesome seeing you on the lives.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful colors, hearts that shine through brighter like light houses that shine through brighter when your passion about things like never before, babe you and me both together forever babe have I told you today how much I am crazy in love with you babe ❤you always thinking about us together forever babe

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