A Story of Lyme Disease with Heather Gray

In this episode Heather Gray, also known as the Lyme Boss, shares her insights on battling Lyme disease and chronic illness.

Heather is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Bioenergetic Practitioner specializing in supporting clients with chronic and complex illnesses such as Lyme disease, Mold Toxicity and Autoimmune diseases.

She helps her clients get to the root cause of their symptoms and helps them take control of their health journey. Heather's approach is not only effective but also empowering.

In this episode, Heather dives into the often overlooked symptoms such as migrating pain, fatigue, gut issues, and sleep disturbances associated with Lyme disease, emphasizing the importance of addressing root issues like leaky gut and autoimmune conditions.

Heather also shares her proven LYME BOSS method, something you definitely don’t want to miss, especially if you’re struggling with chronic illness.

Topics covered in this episode:
– Heather's Journey with Lyme and Chronic Illness
– The Lyme Boss Method
– Challenges and Solutions in Dealing with Lyme Disease
– Importance of Sleep when it comes to Chronic Illness
– Support and Resources for Healing

For more info on Heather, visit ⁠The Lyme Boss ⁠website where you can take her FREE quiz and get access to Heather's cooking videos.

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