A psychic, a neurologist, and a therapist interpret my recurring dream – which one is right?

For the last several months I’ve had the same recurring dream. I thought it would be interesting to see how people from three different fields would interpret the same dream.

So I spoke with Dr. Albert Ramos, who is a Professor of Clinical Neurology Sleep Medicine at the University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine. I also talked with Marcus West, a psychoanalyst with a specialization in Jungian therapy. And with Athena Laz, who is a Spiritual Dream Teacher, Depth Psychologist, and 4th gen intuitive.

I was curious how each of these people understand dreams given their background. So…which one is right?

0:00 My Recurring Dream
1:41 The Neurologist's Interpretation
3:27 The Psychoanalyst's Interpretation
6:28 The Intuitive's Interpretation
8:33 The Computer's Interpretation
9:08 What I've Learned About Dreams

For more information, check out Sleep Foundation's page on the Dream Analysis and Interpretation:


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  1. There is one more authority you can ask: the dream itself. Next time you realize you are going through that dream again, just ask any dream character what the dream is trying to tell you.

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