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Welcome to my channel and podcast dedicated to GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATIONS and inspirational content designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, reduce stress, manage anxiety, achieve your dreams, and take back control over your life. Using cognitive behavioural therapy, a CBT therapeutic framework, my guided sleep meditations are suited to adults, parents, children, students, and babies looking for help
and guidance to achieve a night of deep, sound sleep, peace, direction, and relaxation. My name is Lauren, and I am a qualified, certified Counsellor (M.A) providing online counselling and life coaching. Subscribe to my channel for more content, read my articles on Medium, download my podcast on Spotify, read my book 'Daily Rituals For Happiness", and follow me on Instagram and Patreon for additional support and add-free audio meditation downloads.

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The information provided by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is intended for support, informational and comfort purposes. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment regarding medical or mental health conditions. Although Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is a qualified therapist, the views expressed on this site, related content, or associated sites should not be deemed medical or psychiatric advice. Always consult your physician before making any decisions about your physical or mental health.

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  1. Doing one more day….LT…huge dog/family member. Worked on this to this dday …military taught me macro vs micro
    Today i am just hu

  2. Love your voice and you’ve helped countless people relax. Celebration is in order. I wish I had caught the live chat

  3. I would subscribe to you 200k times myself if possible. You’ve help fix many issues in my life. My sincerest apologies for your dogs health. Please know you are truly appreciated. ❤❤ thank you for your videos I’ve listened for years. Truly rewired my thinking.

  4. Lauren, that was so beautifully expressed, and with such genuineness truly applaud you for your humility and your disclosing, your thoughts and feelings, and such a open and honest way.
    I was drawn to you a few years ago when I was experiencing a tremendous amount of grief, myself over the loss of friends, literally and figuratively, and I think what propelled me into an awakening was the loss of my dog in 2021 .
    I was so drawn to you my soul was connecting to yours. I found that we had a lot in common, and as I was listening to you, I began to cry, because I was thinking about the grief that I had felt, and the experience I had of losing my dog that’s for one .
    It was very similar to what you were experiencing now that I also used to take her out towards the end of her life, and I’d have to hold her up to go to the bathroom. I had to take her into the kitchen and lay her in a comfortable spot so that I could cook, but she wasn’t even watching me anymore and she wasn’t lifting her head , she had congenital heart disease that came on suddenly and within two months, she passed one night. She lifted her head and looked at me and incredibly to my amazement with her eyes, and with her expression was letting me know she was about to die, and she had what seemed like an endless amount of pain, because she was suffering from a heart attack, and I watched my dog die that way.
    My daughter was there as well to witness it, so it was an experience that was the icing on the cake for me that propelled mean to an awakening, and I needed to put an end, my suffering that I had been experiencing for a great deal of my life .
    I didn’t even know what the word awakening meant, but I after a few years of exploring, and going through a lot of shadow work, and confronting all the so-called demons inside of me I found myself becoming lighter and lighter, but I was also coming across certain spiritual teachers, who believed that these feelings and emotions and attachments and words like codependency, should not even be occurring …
    There was something inside me that didn’t agree with that and then, as I started to come across people such as yourself and there’s many spiritual teachers or life cultures, or whatever you want to call them who absolutely do not agree with the thought that you shouldn’t be having these emotions or these attachments Their natural, just as you mentioned.
    It’s being aware of it that is key for me and understanding that these sticky feelings cause us to project out on to others, and now I’m not so hard on myself about that so the way that you expressed it was very gentle and very reassuring .
    And because I feel so in tuned with what you were trying to express, I found myself feeling a great deal of pain inside of myself not just for my own losses, but for yours as well, and the one you’re about to experience With Cooper…
    I honestly don’t know how to not be so verbose lol and expressing all these thoughts but then I will also say to you that from one sold to another, I understand and I love you ❤
    I admire the person that you are I admire anyone who is so open with their thoughts and feelings, because in someway by you doing so it gives me the opportunity to be validated as well and it’s part of my healing process …
    So I found myself pushing away from those so-called teachers or life coaches, who believed the exact opposite, that you should be fairly silent with your emotions, and just immediately dive into meditation or breathing, and so on, and try to use those as a means, to silence those feelings, and I was not in agreement of that whatsoever …
    I find all the things that I practice now to enhance my growth to permit me to feel these feelings in a safe way, so that I can let them go …. and as you expressed, it’s a never ending process those feelings will always come back. You will always get sticky feelings and many times you lose awareness and become in a sense over come by those feelings and then reactive. At least that’s the way it is in my case, but I don’t get upset with myself for that. I look at it as, something that is very natural growth is not linear as you well now and it never will be….
    I love something that a friend wants told me and it’s so true and that is that you are a work in progress and always will be so when you fall back you be gentle with yourself and Xpress it with another that you feel safe with and that’s exactly what you did ….
    Much gratitude to you for doing so….
    And I do not like to text manually lol so I speak into my phone, so I hope that when you read this, that what I expressed comes out understandable .
    Much love to you
    Namaste 🙏 ❤

  5. Hello 👋👋👋😃❤🌷💐🌷🌻🌻🌻🌻May you find LOVE, peace and joy 🙏

  6. So proud of ya… And congratulations 🎉🎉. You are amazing. Your content is astounding… And thought provoking… 💜💜…MORE POWER TO YA❤ …. Luv and Hugs for Coopy as well… Hes such a sweetheart…

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