A Buyer’s Guide to Latex Mattresses

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Join Dr. Breus and David Rubin, director of product testing, as they take a deep dive into latex mattresses, discussing their construction, what it’s like to sleep on one, plus how to save money when it’s time to buy.

*The Sleep Doctor independently selects the products we test. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase using the links on our site.

0:00 Is A Latex Mattress Right For You?
0:50 What Is A Latex Mattress?
2:09 Why Should You Sleep on a Latex Mattress?
3:29 How to Save Money on a Latex Mattress
4:23 What to Know Before Buying a Latex Mattress


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  1. I have a latex topper and I love it.
    It’s great for my Fibromyalgia. ❤

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