6 Tips for Dealing With a Snoring Partner

A snoring partner can be annoying on a GOOD night. But on the worst nights, it can be incredibly disruptive. Before you reach over to strangle your partner, we have six things you can do to address snoring so you BOTH can get a great night of sleep.

In this video, join Lacey as she provides some helpful tips for snoring partners. She walks through environmental issues like allergies and dealing with the sound, to lifestyle solutions like cutting out alcohol and managing your weight. Finally, she discusses when it might be time to be tested for a sleep disorder, and whether sleeping in separate bedrooms is the right solution.

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📺 If you think you MAY need to be tested for a sleep disorder, the process is easy! Learn what to expect:

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0:00 Snoring Partners Can Be a Problem
0:25 Address Allergies
1:50 Deal With the Sound
2:30 Why Reducing Alcohol Matters
3:06 Weight Loss
3:28 Testing for Sleep Apnea
4:21 Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms?

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  1. ❤ thank you for all these tips I use every one of them my husband is a mouth breather and has a mild case of sleep apnea. He tapes his mouth which is much helpful. I wear earplugs im such a light sleeper on some occasions he sleeps in another room

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