5 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Sleep

There are many reasons you might have trouble sleeping at night, but did you know sugar could really be f***ing up your sleep? It's true. Americans live on high-sugar diets, and while we may get a pleasurable — and momentary — energy boost when we eat a sugary treat or beverage, we usually crash shortly after. Only to reach for more sugar to give ourselves a pick up. In short, it's a doom spiral filled with empty calories and regret.

With too much sugar, you can be susceptible to things like night sweats, increased snoring, and even nightmares. Join Faith as she explains why sugar and sleep shouldn't really be hanging out, and why your a high-sugar diet can really take a toll on quality sleep!

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0:00 Why Sugar is so Bad for Your Sleep
0:49 Impact on the Body
2:00 Night Sweats
2:32 Snoring
2:55 Sleep Apnea
3:22 Nightmares
3:47 Final Thoughts

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