5 Tips You Must Do to AVOID Sleeping Hot

You may have experienced this before…

Either when summer comes around or you go somewhere warm for a nice relaxing vacation. You’re outside and you’re enjoying the sun and the heat on your face. But then night falls… and the heat doesn’t go away!

Sure, when you're cold, you can add more blankets, but when you’re too hot? There's only so many layers you can remove!

So let’s get into what the ideal temperature for sleep is and on these hot summer nights, what you can do to best cool you down.

0:00 The Best Temperature for Sleep
1:06 How the Body Regulates Temperature
1:52 How Temperature Affects Sleep
2:33 How to Cool Down On Hot Nights

For more information, check out Sleep Foundation's page on The Best Temperature for Sleep:


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  1. Me, whose window A/C unit can’t reach my bedroom, only window in it doesn’t open, fan broke, lives in an upstairs apartment, already has been using blackout curtains, can’t sleep well w/o a weighted blanket & needs a satin pillowcase for my hair 👁👄👁

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