5 Simple Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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It may seem like getting sleep is a “nighttime problem,” but in fact, what you do during the day can set you up for a great night of sleep. Faith describes habits such as limiting caffeine and naps, enjoying alcohol and other sedatives in moderation, and keeping consistent sleep/wake times.

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Sunshine!
1:00 Naps
1:20 Caffeine Consumption
1:50 Sedatives
2:20 Sleep/Wake Times


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  1. I have a hard time falling asleep, and these suggestions are terrific! I knew about some of them, but this explained them better! Thank you!

  2. I was addicted to coke its been 3 weeks now im doing better but I need a mattress my physical therapist is trying to help me get back in shape and they said sleep was the most important thing..they said my mattress was important.. I need one mine is sunk in …thank you

  3. Sleep or lack of.. affects the body in so many ways. I love the plenty of sunshine daily… I think I will definitely be trying to practice a few of your tips in the video…these tips paired with a new mattress would be heaven! I’ve always received hand me downs, thrift stores or yard/garage sale bargains… I’d be ecstatic to win!!!😴

  4. Exactly I do believe that your daily activities have a major impact on your sleep habits. Love being outdoors for more sun intake

  5. Thanks for this. I did not know that sunshine/daylight could help me sleep better. I’m going to try these 5 things!

  6. never realized the affect of sleep and getting enough of sunlight. this was very interesting to me

    1. Her last point is really important, having a defined sleeping pattern really helps!

  7. She did not mention EXERCISE. Besides all the health benefits of exercising, it also helps in burning some energy so you are tired at the end of your day! If you are having trouble sleeping, try having a workout in the morning. Interestingly, we have a video in our channel on how to cure insomnia naturally

  8. What about eating a banana, drinking cherry juice and/or warm milk and eating a CBD=gummy?

  9. The more I learn about how to sleep good, the more I think about trying to figure out how to sleep while I’m trying to sleep, which keeps me awake.

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