4 Ways Your BEDROOM is Ruining Your Relationship

Sleeping with a partner means there are a lot of things to negotiate in the bed AND the bedroom. And we’re not even talking about intimacy, which is ITSELF a lot to figure out. So in this video, join Lacey as she introduces four main sleep-related topics you should discuss with your partner. From deciding on the size of the bed, to WHEN to go to bed, and even the kind of bedding you should choose, Lacey walks you through how you AND your partner can get the best night of sleep ever.

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πŸ“Ί Maybe you and your partner need to consider a sleep divorce?

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0:00 Sleeping With A Partner
0:42 Bed Size and Type
1:29 Bedding
2:00 Bedtime
2:55 Bedroom
3:30 Protect Your Bedroom

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