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  1. I work with nuclear picker trucks, I had a halosination of a picker hook moving my closet door

  2. Guys it’s not a hallucination, it is YOU. The spirit/entity you see is your stress, depression, fear, ect. If you saw this comment your welcome and the way to pass this is you CANT BE SCARED. Try meditating. Trust me, I have PLENTY of experience.

    1. I have it and sometimes you feel like you’re rising up but it’s scary when you feel like someone’s arms are around trying to pull you up.

    2. Bro it’s not fun. I experienced for the first time, I can’t move but its like seeing my soul lift instead.

    3. Its not as fun as it seems, it also feels like your head is being pulled down by your eyes and its extremely uncomfortable. Feels like you’re greening out tbh. The feeling is crazy though so if you like that sort of thrill its alright lmao.

  3. I had all the types of sleep paralysis i was not able to sleep alone for a week and feeling presence of something in daytime too. Now its fine

  4. I only experienced this in the house I grew up in, and that house was haunted. In over 20 years and quite a few houses later..nothing. Has never happened again.

  5. There’s mainly 3 types of sleep paralysis.

    1> Intruder hallucinations – The most common form in which the individual feels the presence of a negative force or being nearby.

    2> Chest-pressure hallucinations – pressure in chest, suffocation

    3> vestibular motor hallucinations – The individual has out-of-body experiences and get sensations of flying or floating.

    The guy here talks of the third one. It’s not really “astral projection” as you’re not floating in “real time” and not conscious of events and happenings in the environment. It’s just that the brain creates a space where you can float subconsciously.

  6. I woke up just now from experiencing this. A few minutes ago I was experiencing absolute fear from what I was experiencing but found relief in knowing that it was just sleep paralysis. I was guessing it was that for what felt like an eternity.

    For those wondering what my experience was like, I luckily still have it freshly burnt into my memory. I was still able to see. When I tried looking around my room, everything seemed unreal and literally warped. I felt like I was melting, falling through the earth and whenever I closed my eyelids, I could feel like my soul was being ripped from me. I tried my hardest to scream, to call my mom for help but couldn’t, I could barely muster a grunt.

    1. Same but i cant move or even talk and every night i sleep it happens to me and when i looked around i cant see any person i tried yelling but it feels just like my voice is gone

  7. I just had sleep paralysis. Well I am totally fine couse I already knew about this thing. I was actually wearing headphones and listing to song and then I fell asleep. After nearly one hour I woke up but only my eyes were open and i had my breath stuck. I was unable to breathe but this thing had happened to me many time so I was well aware of it specially because itwas not night I was taking afternoon nap I had a window infront of me which was a little bit open so I did not had much severe fear. The most scary thing for me is that I was unable to control my breath. I just started breathing slow and fast. I had different kind of experience I was trying to move my hand and it felt like it was moving but actually it wasn’t so I tried to bite my finger I was feeling like I was biting but it actually did not move an inch. I finally woke up but I was super sleepy and I wanted to enjoy music while having rest so I again closed my eyes but just after some second I was again in state of sleep paralysis and i thought (in state of sleep paralysis) that why is this happening and what can I do to wake up easily and started trying to wake up in different ways I had multiple sleep paralysis at once on purpose though I was interrupted by my brother but when I woke up and got up from bed I felt like everything that I did was like I was dreaming whole time. I feels unreal that I experienced something like that but I believe it was 100% real couse I remember listening to songs I can name those and i remember the window that was open. I know this comment is so big but l still shortened it if anyone thinks it is fake reply me I will give you more details. But if you are a doctor please give me some explanation. Maybe I made many mistakes in writing this sorry but my English is actually good but I am in hurry. I am a 15 year old and English is not my first language.

  8. I got it 10 minutes ago.
    I managed to wake myself up. It costed me my whole willpower.
    I saw something smoking next to me, i thought it starts burning. I tried to reach it, but my body wasn’t moving and my eyes closed many times.
    After some effort i managed to move my hand and kept my eyes open. Then the pressure of my upper body disappeared, it was like a monkey holding my body and let go. The smoke also disapeared.
    But the panic and my pounding heart was pretty real.

    1. Aisa hota hai jab aap jada der jate ho to apka dimaag na kaam karta hai aur na body dero mat ye kuch nahi hai aur jab app subha subha uthte ho tab body thoda weak rehta hai isliye aur waise me subha 3 baje roj uthke Woking ke liya jata hu mera body bhi weak lagta hai lekin sab sahi rehta hai dero matt jada derne se kuch logo ko heart attack bhi a jata hai jabki aisa kuch nahi rehta dimaag ka vahem rehta hai jo apko itna dera deta hai ki apka control hat jata hai body se 😂

  9. If you have the feeling of flying or whatever in your sleep

    You are about to die IN your sleep.

    You can save yourself from doing that

    Such as:

    Meeting your guardian, Waking up & drinking water,
    Talk about something healthy before you go back to sleep.

    I do this when I get that flying feeling.

    (It wasn’t good)

  10. The chest compression hallucination happened to me last night. Not gonna lie…it was scary. I was stuck in the middle of my sleep. I felt myself trying to wake up, but I couldn’t move for a few seconds. My eyes felt glued together, and my body felt paralyzed.

    1. Happened to me last night too, my chest had pressure, and i couldnt move my arms when i tried to move it, so i just close my eyes until i could move, then slept again

  11. I have experienced the shadow and also the blasting off into space and being aware that im sitting there meditating. Theres another one when i completely start vibrating and my teeth are chattering

  12. I also felt like my body woke up automatically with one eye closed without me applying any force or using any energy I also felt my muscles contract and relax and when I came in full consciousness…………..I was just lying on my bed it can be a cool and exciting experience sometimes, one I will remember.

  13. I just recently experienced 1 and 2 it was weird asf I couldn’t move and someone was standing over me and started choking me I started yelling and then woke up yelling it was really strange and weird. I’ve been looking up so much stuff about it cause it’s creepy but really interesting

  14. Whenever I became ‘awake’ after sleep paralysis, I would get a headache and feel like the world is spinning

  15. I don’t get it, I had this thing where I could feel wind breezing by my ears and my body forcing my eyes closed but I eventually ended up opening my eyes with a lot of hard work, does anyone know what that is?

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