10 Common CPAP Problems and Solutions

CPAP machines are the gold standard treatment for people with sleep apnea. Not only can it reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea, it can greatly improve the quality of life with people with this condition.

Despite the proven effectiveness of CPAP therapy, some people don’t use it regularly because of the side effects. From mask discomfort to claustrophobia to dry mouths, noses, and throats, there are many issues to look out for. In this video, Dr. Audrey Wells discusses some of the top CPAP concerns she hears from her patients, and offers some tips for overcoming any discomfort or fears.

🩺 Dr. Audrey Wells is triple board-certified in pediatrics, sleep, and obesity medicine. She helps sleep apnea patients struggling with CPAP therapy get the help and relief they need. You can learn more about Dr. Wells at . And, download Dr. Wells’ guide, “If I Lose Weight Can I Kick my CPAP Out of Bed?” right here: .

➡️ For more on side effects from CPAP, visit Sleep Foundation:

📺 To learn which CPAP mask is right for you, check out our video:

0:00 Common CPAP Issues
0:30 Anxiety and Claustrophobia
1:24 Dry Mouth
2:20 Dry Nose
3:30 Dry Eyes
4:04 Araphagia
4:41 Skin Irritation
5:40 Air Leak
6:18 Rainout of the CPAP Machine
7:23 Pain on the Dental Bridge or the Nose
8:00 Use It Consistently!

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  2. I have a new mask but it kept leaking and I kept tightening it throughout the night but when I woke up the bridge of my nose hurt and was bruised. I haven’t used it since.

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